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Sad Quotes

Emo quotes! The shorter way to express your TRUE feelings. They can be short words of madness and crazy words that you can't find the vocals to say.

It's all just a game. The scary facts of life, enduring the pain and lonliness you feel. Emo quotes, the talk of ones non-understanding and non-existing life as it seems to crumble, a cry for help you might add.

More About Emo Quotes

They range from suicide, and heartbreak, lose of love, lose of faith and about loosing yourself.
Emo quotes, even though they are deeply depressing and hard to come by could do something possitive for a way another might take something. It is good and sometimes hard to express yourself but emo quotes are nothing shy of letting it all out. Don't try to understand them or the people who write them, just embrase the words. I know we can all put ourselves in at least one situation, emo or not. Their words about someone who is depressed. Words of everyday life.
Don't bite your tounge on trying to not say what is on your mind. It's possible someone else could understand how you feel, maybe if their writting would be a little different. The depressed and the mortified, it could be nice to see if someone is worse off then you, maybe it will not make you feel so bad, or they at least feel the same way you do.
Emo quotes are like short words of a song, that can leave you in pain, hurt, confusion, or ever for some possibley inspire them. Bring tears to your eyes. These are great for getting short words of REAL meaning to you, think and exist, even if it is just to you. Emo quotes is an emotional short saying, all is almost depressing as it ever could be. But yet powerful and moving at the same time.



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