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shit quality 124kb -.-

wtf sucks emokid htc smiley sexy emo hair you suck I rock make me an admin

shit quality 124kb -.-

Look, whoever that runs this site, you have a great idea but your visual quality is shit, you don't have enough variety in the categories, and this pic I wanted to upload is waaaaaaay larger than what I had to make it to upload it to your website. Make me admin and help me help you get your shit on track. Best part is I'd do it free, you like free? I know I like free. I can even prove that I can do better than whoever is making your visual images. And I'll make ad designs for you to spread the word about this site. But seriously, your banner looks like the work of a ten year old, actually I've seen finger paint done by a two year old better than that. You don't know your art Principles, you lack balance, your colors are out of season, and the quality of your images is too low, 125kb is not gonna make you famous. You know I'm right, please let me help. 

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