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Help Topic: Forum Rules


Interpretation and enforcement of these rules is up to the moderators and administrators of the site. This is only a guideline, not a definitive document. Every situation is handled on a case-by-case basis. Don't try to play the "but the RULES said..." card, or try and bully and bitch people into submission about what these general rules SHOULD be because it will definitely fall on unsympathetic ears.

That is not to say that if a mod/admin has given you an infraction or suspension or whatever, you can't plead your case. By all means, talk it out with us, and maybe we can come to some kind of mid-point.


Infractions are points you accumulate for things that you shouldn't've done, but were not necessarily ban-worthy. A slap on the wrist, if you will. If you consistently are getting infractions, you will be suspended or banned, depending on the severity of the behaviour that has led to that point.


If you do something really fucking retarded or unacceptable, you will get an immediate ban without the cushion of infraction points. If the mods have to do a lot of work to clean up your mess, you will probably get some kind of ban/suspension. Suspension = temp ban = being told to sit in a corner and think about what you've done. The time periods of suspensions range depending on the severity of the issues. Permabans/IP bans are issued sparingly, but when issued, are warranted and generally backed up by an admin.

If, while you are suspended, you create an alt account or use an existing alt account to post, we will know. And if we find that you are doing that, an extra week will be tacked on to whatever your original suspension time was, and that alt - and all other alts of the same user - will be banned. For each alt account that you try to post from while under a suspension, you will recieve an extra week. If you try to post from more than 3 alt accounts and we know about it, you will be banned outright.


Spamming the forums with too many posts full of crap, repeated material,or low-content posts ("lol", "I lol'd", "lulz", etc. -- yes, it's nice that you lol'd, but if you have nothing else to say after that, then maybe your post isn't necessary) may be considered spam if it has permeated enough of the thread/forum that it is just an annoying nuisance. Generally, we're pretty chill about what is considered 'spam' (for example, fortunately or unfortunately, shitty threads with no point to them are not 'spam' per se - they are just shit threads from shit posters). But if you start acting malicious or disruptive, action will be taken.


If a thread or post is disruptive due to formatting, it might be editted to fit the forums table correctly by a mod. Don't be a fucking dumbass, and don't use ridiculously long strings or images. If your post is written in impossible-to-read txt talk, it might also be editted to make it more readable.
Persistent overuse of "txt talk" or otherwise terrible or illegible typing may also result in a suspension or removal of posting privileges. Typos and spelling mistakes are ok, but deliberate retarded typing is not allowed.


Big sigs are annoying as fuck and spam the hell out of threads. I or another mod will PM you, if your sig is too long, and ask you to shorten it. If you do not shorten it, you will be suspended until you do. People don't go to threads so that they can scroll past your shitty-ass inside-joke-filled sig; they go in there to read posts, and if the sig is disrupting that, then it has to change.


NSFW posting is tolerated in moderation, as long as it is CLEARLY MARKED. Do NOT hotlink NSFW images in a thread - just a url and NSFW tags will do. We also do not want to be considered an 'adult' site by any means, so don't get ridiculous with the kind of pictures you post. Also, just because something is marked NSFW does not make it off-limits for us to moderate. If something is deemed just a little too... much, then it'll probably get deleted. Infractions may or may not follow, depending on various factors.

Non-linked, non-marked NSFW images earn you (at least) an infraction.


Do not use the forums to advertise products/referrals for personal gain. If your band is on myspace and you want to share, that's different... but make sure those links are in pertinent threads and sections.


Moderating inter-personal conflicts is not the job of the mods or admins. We get that people will flame each other on this (or any) forum, and we really don't want to intervene and have to play babysitter to you unless it's something serious. If your little bitchfest carries on and disrupts multiple threads, then yeah, we'll probably have to step in because at that point you're fucking up everyone else's time too. If you DO feel a moderator should step into your or somebody else's conflict and mediate or stop it, report the occurrence to a mod/admin and we will look into it.

If you are seen to be getting abrasive and hostile with little/no provocation, then you are just being a big fucking dick and will get an infraction or penalty depending on the severity of the offense(s).

In some cases, excessive trolling will result in an infraction. This is to tell you that you aren't funny, and maybe you should relax on the annoying crap for awhile. Repeated issues will lead to a ban.


Do NOT post personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, MySpace links, etc. on these forums. Anything that can be used to track you is NOT desireable in a post. We want people to be able to talk about their personal lives here, and they should be able to do so with minimal/no consequences to RL. If these things are in your post, they will be editted out. It is for your own safety.


E-thuggery is one thing, but when you threaten to hack into, steal, destroy,or otherwise maim someone's online presence, that's a one-way ticket out. It will not be tolerated, I don't care if you're joking.

Also malicious is discussing random members who aren't even part of the thread. If you want to bitch about someone and malign them and their reputation, do it in private, do not involve the whole forum in your shitty behaviour. If seen, it will result in an infraction or penalty of some kind (depending the severity of the issue). If person X has posted in the thread, sure go ahead and flame them. Also, making threads that single out a member (whether for a good reason or bad) is unacceptable... except for birthday threads. Those are okay.

As for hate speech, the forum's pretty liberal. But if we deem something to be really vehemently hateful either racially, ethnically, or sexually, we reserve the right to lay down a penalty (again depending on the severity of the offense). Sometimes things just go too far.


If you have any queries as to whether something is against the rules, feel free to ask a moderator or administrator.