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Help Topic: Your Control Panel (My Controls)

We're quite aware as a forum that a number of our members have never used a forum before and so aren't sure of some things, such as how to change their avatar, how to send a personal message to another user. Even if they have, our system may be slightly different to those they have used in the past (ie: ours is clearly more awesome).

Using photos to easily point out a step-by-step guide, we have included how to:
- change your display name/username.
- change your avatar
- change your personal photo.
- change your signature.
- change your custom member title
- send a PM to another user from a topic.
- send a PM to another user from their profile.
- quote multiple posts to reply to more than one post.

How To Change Your Display Name/Username.

How to change your avatar:

Here, you can choose an avatar from our gallery or upload one of your own, just make sure it's no larger than 90 x 90 pixels or 50 KB. It also must be the format gif,jpg,jpeg, or png. If you need to resize something, you can do so at imageshack.

if you would rather upload one of your own:

How to change your personal photo:

How to Change your signature:

How to change your custom member title:

Please remember that you must have over 500 posts before you can change this from "Nigrescent Black Hole" "Whimpering Thundercloud", etc.

How to send a PM from a topic:

How to send a PM from a profile

How to Quote Multiple Posts.