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It's Another One. :]

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Instincts [Extraordinarily Emo]

The gentle breeze blows my hair,
I feel the sun,
the gentle kiss of clouds provide shade for a moment...
I smile, though I am not happy,
I laugh, though I am sad.
I wonder why they hate me,
But sometimes I'm really glad.
I lie to them,
But today I've taken down the walls,
I've let the warriors retreat.
They run back to their houses,
And prepare for yet another battle,
Fought with tears and words of rage.
I wonder why it's hard for them to see,
I am not them, I am just me,
and though they judge me,
I do not judge them.
I judge by their actions their words and such things,
But they judge me by appearance.
They judge me cruelly,
Are they just scared,
How do I explain,
When they listen not,
They merely continue speaking,
And that is destructive.
I want to let them know,
Why I'm not like the rest,
Why I'm into girls, not guys,
And why I can't bare to confess.
I'm shameful to my mother,
I'd hurt my father's pride,
If I'd earned it in the first place,
I'm sure, I'd rather die.
It's hard to view their faces,
With scanning wary eyes,
When of course they look so disgusted,
All suck up, behind evil lies,
I have no religion,
I have no faith in me,
I challenge exhibitions in foolish manners,
Though it's hypocritical to say,
I'd rather kiss in public then to hide it all away,
If love's become illegal,
Please just kill me now,
I'm breaking laws again,
and this is how,
I've told her the truth, I'd never lie,
Wrap her up and I'll apologize,
I've exposed her to such madness,
I've barely done my job,
but still I see their faces,
and that all, it does,
make me want to sob.
I'll tell them they are liars,
I'll tell them they are wrong,
But hypocrisy is illegal too,
and that makes a sad song sad,
I feel like a mockingbird,
Stuffed in a cage for show,
I feel unloved and Emo,
I feel so very stupid,
I feel utterly slow.
I want to scream her name,
Although I hold it in,
The one I love is innocent,
I will not make this for her,
I will hide her behind closed doors,
To protect her from this madness,
These dumb and stupid whores.
They shun us,
Turn their backs,
Their noses in the air,
But I promise I will love you,
Even when it fades to black.
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It's a very good poem.Very deep.
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    Whimpering Thundercloud

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The one I love is innocent,
I will not make this for her,
I will hide her behind closed doors,
To protect her from this madness,

Wow , Wow And Wow

That's More Than Amazing

THis One of poems i really wanted to read long ago

U r amazingly talented

Plz PLz Plz Keep On

I'm waiting for more Angel.gif
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