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How could an emo boy love a girly girl?

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Chapter 1.

Anne had just gotten up from bed,and was still really groggy. She sat on the edge of her bed until her drunken mom came in and screamed,''Where the fuck were you last night, you little whore!?'' Anne got off her bed and screamed, ''I was here all last night!'' Her mom slapped her in the face and Anne fell to the ground shaking and crying. Her mom ran out of her room swearing to herself. Anne could tell she was high on crack. She got up, wiped her tears,and got dressed. She did her hair and make-up,as she listened to her Mom throwing things downstairs. "Today was supposed to be a good day for once", she thought. It was the first day of her junior year of high school. She grabbed her purse and and shoulder bag and she ran down the stairs and out the front door, so her mom couldn't hurt her.

Anne was walking on the sidewalk when she saw her friend Cameronn."Camm' wait up for me!''yelled Anne as she ran up beside her. ''Hey Anne how has your summer been?"asked Camm.
''Well shity.My mom started crack back in June,and I stay away from her''
''Hell that sounds bad.''Camm said.
"So Camm,how has your summer been?''
''Well let's see...my bf dumped me,I got herpes, and my dad started drinking!''Camm said arrogantly.
''Wow sounds like a cool summer''Anne said sarcasticlly.

They walked the 10 blocks to Monroe High, talking about random stuff that happened that summer. They walked through the halls and saw the anorexic sluts from the year before. ''Look, there's Darcie, the whore who screwed like 10 guys last year!'' whispered camm as she nudged Anne. ''I know, isn't she a two-timing bitch.''said Anne as she giggled and stared at Darcie Wilson with Jordanne,her horny boyfriend.
''Ha I wond...."Anne was cut off when she was knocked on her butt. Her books flew on the ground. Someone must have knocked into her. Before she could get up, someone gave her their hand. She looked up to see the most gorgoues boy she had ever seen. He was emo,he had beautiful ice blue eyes.They were so perfect. She was lost in thought. Then she shook her head and gave him her hand. ''Hey I'm...I'm really sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going.'' he said while blushing. ''Hey it's ok, if it's anybody's fault, it's mine.'' She said while staring at him.She helped him pick up her books while she stared at him,even she started blushing. He had jagged cut black hair, he was wearing heavy eyeliner.He was wearing skinny jeans,cons,an MCR t-shirt, and a gray fall out boy zip-up hoodie.She felt so preppy compared to him, she loked down at what she was wearing:a jean miny skirt with a pink tank top, and a green baby-doll shirt on top, with black ballet flats. She wasn't even emo! She was a girly-girl who loved pop music and to shop!But she liked emo people. She couldn't help but stare at him. ''Hey I guess I'll see you around?'' she said.
''Ummm..yeah I guess,''he said while staring down at the floor. He was blushing scarlet by now. ''Well,bye,'' she said sweetly and smiled to him. ''Bye,'' he said weakly. Camm was just standing there watching the whole thing. Anne started walking when she noticed that Camm was just standing there. ''You are a huge flirt,girl.'' she said as she started walking. Anne looked back and saw him walk to his locker. She rushed up beside Camm. ''Look,I was just being nice. You know how I don't judge emo people.'' she repleied.''Well it's obvious your in love wit him!" she giggled. ''I don't even know him,so how could I be in love with him?'' Anne asked. ''Trust me, you are!"Anne kept denying it, but inside she knew she was.

Chapter 2.

Anne had just found a seat in math,when Nicole Samuels sat down beside her. ''So Anne how was your summer?''she asked with a laugh.
''Don't you have some guy to screw,or something?''Anne asked. Nicole looked around the class. Everyone was laughing at her. Anne got up and walked to another table. She had just sat on a stool when the boy she had collided with had walked into the class room. ''Go sit next to Anne Strollo,'' Mrs.Ledsome pointed to Anne. He walked over to Anne. He set his books down and sat next to her. She looked at him and smiled. He smiled and,once again,blushed. She was definetly falling for this boy.''What's your name?'' Anne asked. ''Me?''
"yeah'' she said. ''My name is....Kyle.'' he said. ''Kyle,''she repeated.''wow what a nice name.'' ''What's yours?'' Kyle asked. ''Oh, my name's Aryana, but everyone calls me Anne.'' ''Wow,your name is beautiful.'' Anne blushed so red Kyle had to smile. Anne loved his smile. He had the most perfect mouth, curved beautifully. She could tell he was an Italian. He was so perfect. Kyle's voice shook Anne out of her thoughts. ''You can call me Kye if you want.''Kyle said. ''Ok,Kye,'' both of them laughed loudly. ''Quiet,you two!''Mrs.Ledsome yelled. They giggled quietly. For the rest of class they looked at each other without the other knowing. Once their eyes met and they blushed scarlet.

The bell rang. Anne grabbed her purse and books and was just about to dart out the door when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see Kye. He grabbed her arm and led her back in the room. "Hey I still feel guilty for ramming into you earlier,and to make up for it, would you like to go see a movie with me tonight?''he asked while fidgeting with his jacket sleeve.
"You mean a date?"

''Well not really a date..but if..''

"'Kye, yes,I'll go with you''.

''Where do you live?''

''129 Crestview''

''Ok, I'll pick you up at 5.''

''Ok, I'll see you then. Bye''

''Bye Anne''.
He smiled as he walked out of the classroom. Anne had wanted to ask him to sit with her at lunch,but she was seriously nervous.

The bell rang for lunch.
''Camm come on, I'm frekin' starving.''

''Ok, ok hold on. "

"Where do you wanna sit Anne?"

''Well,I was gonna go sit with someone else today.''

Camm looked at her with wide eyes.
''Are you frekin joking me? The only time you sit with someone else is when... never. Wait is it that boy your crushin' on.?''

''Yes and no.'' Anne screeched.

''Fine girly, go with your prince charming.'' Camm said as she playfully punched Anne in the arm.

''Hey Camm,Camm!'' Anne laughed up.

''Go lover girl!''Camm teased.

''Shut Up! ''

She walked in the lunch room and looked around. She saw the prep table, the posers, the nerds, the plastics, the burn-outs, and the emo table. Kye was sitting in a corner listening to his i-pod and had his eyes closed. She was a brave girl,so she walked over and all of a sudden the whole table got quiet. Everyone was pretty much dressed in black, and Anne was dressed in bright,beautiful colors. She definetley stood out. She looked like a prep amongst all of the emo's and goths.

''Kye, do you mind if I sit with you?"
He took his earpiece out and looked surprised to see her.



She sat down so careful and perfect. He couldn't help but stare at her bright blue eyes. They were so perfect. She had long curvy eyelashes, and light blonde hair that fell past her shoulders. He was falling for this girl. He never knew that he would fall for a girly-girl and not an emo girl.

''So,Kye since I'm going out with you tonight I figured we should get to know each other.'' she said sweetly.

''yeah,we should.''

''Well I'll tell you about myself. My full name is Aryana Maria Strollo. My parents are italian and so am I. I'm 15, fav color is blue. And I love rock music''.

''Impressive,'' Kye said. Anne giggled. ''My name is Kyle Aaron Calbera.I'm 16, obviously emo, I love black, and rock music."

''Very much impressive,''Anne laughed.

For the rest of lunch Anne and Kye talked and laughed. Both of them were secretly falling for each other. The other just didn't know.

Chapter 3.

I had just gotten in the door,when my mom came running through the kitchen. She came in and slapped me so hard that I fell backwards.
Then she screamed,''You fucking little whore where were you?!''

''I was in school Mom!'' I felt my face it was starting to get hot.

''Make sure you are home extra early from now on.Got it whore!''

''Yes Mom.''
She slapped me again where she hit me once before. I could feel it swell. She ran downstairs,probably to do pot. I walked up to my room and threw my bag and purse beside my desk and laid on my bed. I started crying. I wanted my mom to stop even when I was a young child. I layed on my bed crying until 4 o'clock , remebering my date with Kye. God was I falling for him. I ran to my closet, took off my school clothes,and picked my outfit very carefully. I chose my light, tight hip hugger jeans,my cons, a blue t-shirt and my jean jacket. I put my make-up on and did my hair. Before I knew it,I heard a knock on the front door. It was 5. So I grabbed my purse and ran down the stairs, through the kitchen and living room and to the front door. I opened it and there stood Kye.
He just looked me up and down.

''God you look pretty.''

''Thanks, we should get out of here before...." I was cut off when my mom came down the stairs with a vodka bottle in her hand.

''Where do you think you're going you little whore?''

''Mom, I'm going to see a movie with my friend. I promise I'll be back before late.''

''Get the hell out of my house you god damn slut!''

''Come on Kye.'' I grabbed his arm and closed the front door.

''God your Mom is a bitch.''

''I know.''

We got to the theaters and we were gonna pick a movie.

''Kye what do you wanna see?''

''It's up to you. I want you to pick.''

''Okkk, ummm... how bout 1408?''

''I've been dying to see that! cool!''

I just hoped he didn't notice the bruise on my face from where my mom hit me. So he did something so unexpected. He took my hand as we were waiting in line for the popcorn and pop. He had painted black nails and several scars on his right wrist. I felt horrible. I didn't know the pain he was going through. I squeezed his hand harder and he looked down and then up at me. I turned and pretended to be looking at the game room, but I could feel his gaze on me. I turned and smiled and said,''What?"

I just kept smiling.

We walked in the theater room and it was already dark.One of my worst fears is the dark. We sat in the first row and I put the pop in the cup holder next to me and the popcocrn on the ground.The movie started and it was so scary. Kye kept looking back at me and looked so happy. Finally when the little girl turned into a mummy in the begining of the movie,I screeched,loud, and put my face in his chest. He let out a little laugh and put his arm around my neck. Then I looked up at him and saw how bright his blue eyes shone in the dark. They were so gorgoues. Then I laid my head on his shoulder for the rest of the movie. When it was over he threw our stuff away and came back,and took my hand.
''Scary movie,huh?''

''Well that was creepy, now I'm gonna have nightmares tonight.''

He just laughed so cute!


God,is she beautiful. Why didn't I meet her before. She has the most gorgous eyes. God,have I fallen in love with her. But I can't. shit! Everyone will make fun of her. How me,an emo guy,have fallen for her. But I can't help it. She's so beautiful and smart.

end of PROV

We walked out in the main lobby and there was a photo booth.
''Kye come on!''I said as I grabbed him by the arm.

''Anne no. ''

''Please,''I gave him my infamous puppy-dog face.

''Fine, but only for you.''

''Thanks, kye your the greatest!''

I jumped up and hugged him. He held me so close it was almost intoxicating. I whispered in his ear''Thank you for ramming into me Kye Calbera.''

'He broke away from the hug and said''I've never met anyone like you.''

''Thanks, and your somethin' special too!'' We both laughed.

We went in the photo booth, I put in 3 dollars and we took 6 pixx's of us.In one I kissed his cheek and he was doing his sweet smile. And we were just being crazy teens! So the pixx's came out of the slot and I tore three off for me and three for Kye. We both were cracking up at how funny they were.

''Kye you look so cute here!''
''That should be banned from human eyes.''

I slapped him playfully on the chest.

''No, don't degrade yourself.''
''Sorry,''he said as he put an arm around my waist. I heard a woman say,''There goes a prep girl and an emo boy, that's not right.''
He had heard what she had said.I could feel Kye's body tense,but I put my arm around him to calm him down. We walked outside and it was still day,even though the movie was two hours long. We walked to a bench with no one around.

I put my pixx's in my purse and he put his in his jean pocket. We just sat there until he yelled.

''Oh my god Anne what the hell happened to your face!''
Before I could say anything he took his hand and put it on my face.

''It was my Mom.''I said with my head down low.

He cupped my chin with his hand and said,''Why Anne?Why did she do this to you?"

Tears ran down my face and between sobs, I said,'' My Mom is a drunk...She hits me sometimes..it hurts,Kye."

He held me close to him and smoothed my hair with his hand. I cried for the longest time.

"I promise to never let you be hurt''

''Kye,thank you. I am so grateful for having you as a friend.''


I want to be so much more than friends with you Anne. I've fallen in love with you. I hate what your bitch of a Mom has done to you.


We had just got up from the bench when Kye turned me towards him and hugged me tight, caresing my hair.''It's going to be ok. I won't let your mom do this to you anymore.'' ''Thank you,'' was all that I managed to say.

It started raining and I pulled out of the hug. Kye followed me while holding my hand. We went near a wall and all of a sudden Kye turned me around and kissed me on the lips. His lips felt so warm and beautiful on mine. I threw my arms around his neck and he put his arms around my waist. My heart fell to the ground. Electric shocks ran down my head to the nape of my neck, down my waist and down my butt and to my feet. My head was spinning and I couldn't breathe. God was he a good kisser.
I fell madly in love with him at that very second.

Kye's Prov!

There was fireworks going through his whole body. He became weak at the knees. He felt a passion that ran through his vains. He couldn't stand it. He was hooked to this passion and craved more and more like a hungry boy. At that very second he fell madly in love with her. They stood there kissing like the world was going to end.

Chapter 4.

We had stopped kissing and now we're hugging. I was shaking and so was Kye. this was my very first kiss. And I knew this was his first,too. I only knew him a day and already fell in love with him.
Damn, my stupid heart. But I couldn't help it. I was in love with him.
''Do you want to go home.'' he whispered in my ear.

''I have to, or my Mom will kill me.''

''Well let's get you home.''

When we got to my house,the sun was setting and my mom's car was gone. ''Probably went to Aunt Carrie's house to get drugs.'' I thought.

Kye led me to my door and I got my key out and unlocked it. I opened it and walked in the house.
I turned to see Kye walking away.
''KYE!''I yelled.
He turned and I ran towards him giving him a huge hug.
''Kye,tonight was amazing.''
''I know,and I hope what happened won't hurt our friendship?''
''No, it won't Kye. I'm just glad your my friend."
''Anne you are the only friend I need.''

Kye was interlaced his hand with mine. It felt so good.
"I'll see you tommorrow?''
''Yes Anne, we'll see each other.''
"Kye what bus do yuo ride?''
''Bus 7.''
''So do I!''

"We'll sit together tommorrow.I have so much I want to tell you about me!''
''Same here Anne, I want you to know the real Kye Calbera.''
I pulled him into a hug and whispered in his ear,''I already do!''

Chapter 5.

6 months later.....

Me and Kye became best friends. We were so close. We were able to tell each other ANYTHING. People thought that it was weird that a girly-girl and an emo boy would hug and hold hands in public. But we didn't care. Our friendship became stronger than anyone elses' friendships were.
One day I really think our friendship was tested. We were walking down the street with Camm when all of a sudden Darcie Wilson walked in front of us.
"Hey emo boy, you hangin' out with your emo girlfriend?''

Kye said,''You know what?Get out of our way you slut.''
We couldn't help but laugh.

''Oh you think your funny emo freak!?''

''Exuse me!What the fuck did you just say to him?''
I handed Camm my books and purse.
I slapped Darcie across the face.

''Now you'll learn to keep your mouth shut you fat whore!''

I punched her in the stomach. She fell to the ground, crying, and her lip bloody. She sat up and kicked my leg. I reached down and ripped out a handful of hair. Camm was holding Kye back.''No Darcie deserves to get her ass kicked!''
Kye yelled,''Anne stop...your gonna get hurt!''

''This is for calling my best friend a freak!" I kicked her in the stomach.
''This is for ever bothering us!''
I kicked her in the leg. My leg was hurting but I didn't care.
''And this is for ever being born you slut!''I kicked her in the stomach again.
I felt someone grab my waist.
It was Kye. He pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arms around me. It was Janruary so his embrace was so warm. I cried into his chest harder than I ever had cried before. Darcie got up and limped away. She deserved it. She wouldn't tell anyone. Cause she knew I would come back to kill her.
Kye kissed my forehead and said,''Shhhh...it's gonna be ok,she left.''
''Kye,I was going to kill her''
''I know, but you're so upset now. Let's go back to my house.''

He wrapped his arms around me and helped me walk to his house. At the door I was so weak from crying that I fell to my knees.
''Anne! baby wake up!'' he screamed.

Of all the time I had been best friends with him, he had never called me 'Baby',but I pretended like I didn't even hear it. He picked me up and carried me up to his room. I had never been to his house before. He layed me on his bed. And Camm put our books and our purses on the floor.

''Camm?can you please go to Anne's house and get her stuff.''

"yeah sure, but why?"

"Because she's staying with me for a while."

I looked over to Kye.He was so cute when he was worried. Camm left the room. She knew what clothes, shoes,and personal stuff to get me. I had shown her before. Kye took my shoes off for me, and kicked his off.

"Kye,it's cold."
"Oh, I'm sorry,here."
He covered me with the blanket.

"There, better?"
I saw him shivering.
"Get under the blanket with me."
"What?'' he said,looking shocked.
''You look cold, bone-head.''
He got under with me and I snuggled up to him. He wrapped his arm around me, and whispered,
''Good night Anne.''

Chapter 6.

I woke up groggy and hot, even though it was the middle of January. Kye wasn't next to me. I looked around his room. It had posters of every rock band imaginable on his walls. He had his bed,desk,tv and laptop,and two dressers. I felt so out of place.Then I looked next to me and there as three bags of stuff. I recognized them as my blue,pink,and black duffel bags. Camm must have gotten my stuff for me.

Kye walked in his room and walked towards me.

''Hey you're up finally.How you feeling?''

''I'm feeling better.''

''Well,you know,me and Camm are really proud of you beating up that fat whore,Darcie.''

''I know,Kye.'' I turned to him and hugged him.

''Hey wanna go get breakfast?''

''Sure.'' I said.

He got up and was walking towards the door when I said,''Kye how long am I staying here?''

He turned back towards me and said,''For as long as you want.'' As he kissed my forehead.''Get dressed ok.''

''Ok, I won't be long.'' I said as I got my black duffel and waled to the bathroom connected to Kye's room. I changed out of my clothes from the day before into: my blue lace tank top,my blue zip-up jacket,and my fall out boy hoodie that Kye had given me,jeans,and my black cons. I put my hair in a ponytail,and did my make-up. I finished getting ready as Kye got dressed.

I walked out and Kye surprised me by coming up to me and hugged me tightly.

''Kye,what's wrong?''

''Nothing....I just ...am so glad your my best friend.''

I hugged him even more tightly.''Kye I'll always be here.'' I whispered in his ear.
I could feel him becoming more and more tense.

''We should go.'' he said.

We walked down the stairs and Camm was laying on the couch.

''Hey Camm!'' I ran over and hugged her.

''Man, I'm getting hugged a lot today.'' I laughed at her.

''So I'll drive,I guess.''Camm voulunteered.''Now that I'm 16."

''Fine.''I sighed.

So we drove to Sonic, our favorite restaurant in the whole world,at least me and Kye's. So we walked through the door and I said,''You guys go find a table, I know what you want.''


''Kye,I'm a young woman, I can handle it.''

''Anne please, let me pay.''

''No, I'm paying.You two go find a table.''I insisted.

''Ok,Ok.''Kye walked away and turned back and smiled at me with his gorgeous mouth. I smiled back at him one of my sweet,innocent smiles.

He turned the corner with Camm and must have found a seat in the back,cause I didn't hear them. Me and Kye liked to sit in the back sometimes so we could talk in private. I looked at the menu, Kye loved their tacos and vanilla milkshakes. I knew Camm loved the root beer floats and chili fries, and me being miss.healthy,I loved their salads and iced tea.
''What would you like,mam?''the casjier lady said.

''Umm. one taco,a salad,1 chili fry,a rb float, an iced tea,and a vanilla milkshake.''

''Ok,it'll be 7.52.'' the casjier said.

''Ok,here,''I handed her the money.

She handed me the tray of food.

I was just about to turn the corner to get back to the table when I heard Camm say,''Kye do you love her?''
My heart dropped like a ton of bricks.
''Kye just say it: yes or no''

''Camm I can't say.'' He did love her,but just couldn't say it yet.

''I see how you look at her. Everyone know you love her.''

''I don't want to ever hurt her.She's my best friend. She's my life.''

My head was spinning.God damn it, I fell in love with a fake.How could I?

''Kye, I know you love her. It's obvious and you need to tell her before she finds someone else.''

I heard Kye sigh. Tears began streaming down my face. I leaned closer to hear them.

''I want to love her, I do....but...''

''But nothing,Kye.Tell her you love her. By not telling her, your hurting her.''

''I can never love her.'' Kye said sadly.

My heart sunk to the floor. I felt like throwing up. I dropped the tray of food, and darted out the door in the pouring rain.

''Anne!''Kye screamed as he got up and ran after me.

I just kept running never wanting to look back at him,but I so loved him.

''Anne wait!Stop!''

He caught up to me and grabbed my my arm and pulled me close to him.
''Anne,did you hear what I said?''

''Yes,I did and leave me alone!''

''I can't,Anne.I just can't.''

''No,Kye, you can.Get away from me. You just killed me inside.''
I pushed him away from me.

''I've been killed inside ever since I met you.''

''No!" I screamed as tears streamed down my face. Kye's eyeliner was running down his face from the rain.

''Kye,you were my best friend.''

''Anne,you misunderstood what I said. Please believe me.''

''I can't!'' The rain was coming down harder and I could tell Kye was crying.

''Good bye Kye Calbera.''
I ran as hard as I could until I got to his house. I stormed upstairs, gathered my duffel bags,and stuck my books and purse in my black bag.

I tore down the stairs. Kye was still probably running to his house. I went on the sidewalk and didn't see many people out. And there really isn't a lot of people out on a saturday. And plus it was still cold. I started shivering. I was going back home. Back to my cruel mom. At least there I was used to hurting inside. I still loved Kye and always would. I would never stop dreaming about his beautiful eyes,lips,hair,and loving personality. I thought of all this still when I opened the door to my house,as I ran up the stairs and as I dropped my stuff on the ground and I fell asleep on my bed. I was still crying tears of love for Kye, when I fell asleep.

Chapter 7.

I woke up feeling sick that morning. I ran to the bathroom and threw up for nearly twenty minutes. I knew it: I was so deppresed and in love that it was taking a toll on my body. I brushed my teeth and felt a little bit better. I just threw on my jeans, an aeropostale t-shirt and was looking for a jacket in my closet, when I found the fall out boy hoodie that Kye gave me. I brought it up to my face and cried. Why did I have to fall in love? Why?Why did my damn heart have to be so trustworthy?
I threw it in the corner of my closet.I threw on a jacket and grabbed my shoulder bag and my purse and I ran out the door without eating breakfast. I was hungry, but hunger meant nothing to me. I was waiting to die.

I walked to school that day and I didn't see Camm anywhere. She didn't call me, so what was up?
My phone rang.


''Hey Anne it's me Camm.''

''Hey what's up?''

''Are you ok. You sound sick?''

''I'm fine. What's up?''

''Well,I'm on the corner of the high school and Mason st. Meet me there.ok!?''

''Sure. I'll be there in 5 minutes.''


''Bye Camm.''

I hung up my cell phone not knowing what she was planning.
I walked two more blocks and got to the corner when I saw Camm.

''Hey what's up?''

''Oh my god Anne, you look like a dead person. What's happened to you?''

''I got really sick this morning and didn't eat.''

''Well wanna eat at school?''

''Camm I'm fine.''

''Anne, I'm sorry about yesterday.''

''Please don't bring it up. I can't handle talking about it.''

''Girl, you need to talk to Kye. He really misses you.''

''No he doesn't,Camm!'' I screamed.

''Yes he does!''

''He doesn't care about me. He could never care about me. Never!''
I was about to run back home when Kye came from behind the school.

''Anne,that's not true.'' he said.

''What are you doing here?''

''I came here to tell you the truth once and for all.''

''Oh,there is no truth Kye, you lied to me!I gave you everything!'' I screamed while tears ran down my face.

''Anne please listen to me!'' Kye begged me while he reached for my hand.
I took my hand out of his.

''No,Kye Calbera you listen to ME! I once was your best friend, but no more!''

''Anne,no. I can't live without you!'' he screamed as he started crying. I felt so bad. I wanted to kiss him that very second and hold him until the day I died.

''I once couldn't live without you either.'' I said as I ran to the school.

''Anne please,stop!''Kye was running after me. He grabbed me and pulled me into his warm embrace. I punched his chest until I was crying hysterically.I stopped punching him. We both were crying and I could feel his body tensing more and more.

''Anne please believe me. I would never hurt you''
I pushed him away from me.

''No! You did more than hurt me. You've killed me indide,Kye''
I screamed as everyone grew quiet and looked at us.

I ran to Mrs.Ledsome's class and sat on my stool. Kye walked in rubbing his tear stained face. he sat next to me. I looked the other way and I felt his gaze on me.
All through class I could hear Kye's heart racing.

The bell rang to go to lunch. I wanted to run out of class, but wanted to also go and jump on Kye and kiss him passionately. I fought a sudden urge to do it.

''Anne can we talk?''

''No,Kye we can't.''
I walked out of class and ran to my friend Michelle's locker.

''Hey Mimi!''

''Hey Anne. God,are you ok?''

''Yeah I'm fine. Wanna sit with me at lunch today?''

''Sure,why not!''

I looked down the hall and saw Kye coming down and looking at the floor. He walked past me and we made eye contact. I felt him in my heart tormenting me. But he then looked the other way and it was gone.

''Anne...are you ok?''

''Ya,Mimi I'm fine''(that's Michelle's nickname)

We got seats at the burn-out table and mimi started the conversation.
''Hey are you gonna eat?''

''Nah, I'll skip today.''

''I think I will too, I'm fat''
''I saw how you looked at that boy.''

''What boy?'' I asked.

''That boy in the hall you made eye contact with.''

''Oh,him. He's just an old friend.''

''An old friend,eh?''

''Yes Mimi that's all he ever was and ever will be.''

''Sorry,I just have never seen two people look at each other that way. EVER!''

''Mimi, he's my past.''

''Ok, Anne.''

The rest of lunch we just talked about love. I was done with love.

Chapter 8.

Anne didn't talk to Kye for 2 months.
I was throwing up 4 times a day and lost 30 pounds. I went from a thin weight of 128 pounds to 98. I never ate, I hated my life. I constantly thought about Kye. My grades weren't as good as they used to be. I always slept and I was deppressed. I saw Kye in school and he looked worse than me. He looked like he lost 40 pounds. He was really pale.I noticed he always looked sad,never ate,always put his head down at lunch.

On March 9th I got up and ran in the bathroom and threw up. I came out and dressed in: dark denim jeans, a white tank, my cons,and a jacket. I finished getting ready and ran downstairs. I saw my Mom with a baseball bat. I fell to my knees and tears streamed down my face.

''I told you to never leave the house, you bitch!''

''Mom DON'T!'' I ran up and grabbed the bat. She fell to the ground and I ran out the door. I stopped and looked at the ground. There was an envelope, I picked it up and it said my name on it. I walked down the street and opened it and read it. It was from Kye.
I couldn't believe it, he actually did this?

it said:
Dear Anne, I know today is your 16th birthday, and you don't want anything to do with me,but I just want to tell you that I've been thinking about you every waking moment. I miss you so much that I've been sicker than I ever have in my life. If you ever want to talk to me again, then you know where I am.


I started crying.He remembered my birthday. I had forgotten all about it. I had been that deppessed. I couldn't believe what a mistake I had made.
He didn't hate me. He did feel.
I put the letter in my shoulder bag and ran the 3 blocks to his house. When I got there I saw him through his window. I went to the front door, and opened it quietly. I knew Kye's dad and mom was never home. They were always working, not caring about their son. I dropped my stuff by the door and closed it. I ran up the stairs quickly,but quietly. I put my ear against Kye's door to hear better. He was crying. My heart sunk. Kye opened the door and jumped back when he saw me.
''KYE!'' I ran in and hugged him, he fell back on his bed with me still on top of him.

''Anne what are you doing?''

''Kye,I got your letter, I'm so sorry.''

''Anne, it's ok.''

He put his arms around my back. I started crying.

''Shhh.it's ok.I'm not mad at you''

''Kye....I love you.'' I looked down at him. And he whispered in my ear. ''I love you to.''

He turned me over on the bed so that he was on top of me. He smiled at me and kissed me on the lips passionatley. We just kept kissing until tears streamed down my face. Kye got up and helped me up off the bed. He hugged me and I didn't want him to let me go.

''The reason I said I could never love you wasn't that I didn't, it's just...people would make fun of you being in love with an emo boy.''

''Kye,all I care about is you,nobody else.''

''I love you so much.''He said as he ran his hands through my blonde hair.

''What are we gonna do now,Kye?''

''What do you mean?''

''I mean..about school. We're only 16 and everyone will laugh at us.''

Kye put his hand up to her face.''No one's gonna laugh,cause I'll kick their asses!''

I started laughing.''Ha, that's something I know you would do.''
I said as we leaned in to kiss.

Chapter 9.

*ok sorry I have to make everyone a year older, caues 16 yr. olds making out is kinda weird. So Anne just turned 17, and Kye is 17 going on 18!*

We had just got done kissing when my phone rang.
''Hold on Kye''

''Anne get down to the hospital now!''

''Mimi what is it?''

''Camm just tried to committ suicide''

''Are you joking mimi?

''No, get down here now!'' Mimi screamed.
Click, she hung up.

I started crying. ''Kye it's Camm''.

''What happened?''

''She tried to committ suicide''
I started crying. He pulled me in his arms.

''It's ok,baby''

''Kye I almost lost you,and I won't lose Camm'' I looked up at Kye and he kissed me on the lips.

''Come on I'll drive you to the hospital''he said as he pulled on his shirt. I couldn't help but stare at him. He definetly lost weight, but he still had his hott six-pack. He looked up at me and said''What?''

''You look hott''

''Thanks''. I just had to smile.

''Your hott too!''

''Kye I'm not hott''

''I said you are, so deal with it'' he just laughed as he put his arm around my waist.

We walked down the stairs. I grabbed my stuff and called the high school to tell them that me and Kye would be absent for the day. Just as I put my stuff in his car, Kye grabbed my waist and whispered in my ear''Will you be my girlfriend?''

I turned around and kissed him on the cheek.''Yes Kye, and will you be my boyfriend?''

''Yes I will'' He then kissed me on the lips.

''We should go,Kye''
We got to the hopsital and I ran in the lobby and screamed at a nurse''WHERE'S SHE AT!? IS SHE ALRIGHT''

''I'm sorry but her heart stopped and she passed away a few minutes ago. I'm so sorry'' She walked away.

I fell to my knees and cried. Kye ran over and kneeled in front of me. He pulled me into his arms.
''It's ok,she's not in any pain now''

''She's...gone..I couldn't....save her''

''Shhh calm down. She wouldn't want you to be upset''

''Kye what did I ever do?''

''Look at me.''I looked upat him God was he gorgues.His eyes wet with sadness.''She loved you like a sister.She wouldn't want you to upset.''

''I know but everything is going wrong. I want to know why she did this''
We stood up when I saw Camm's boyfriend making out with a girl.
I ran over to them and said''Hey brad'' He turned and I saw who the girl was. It was Darcie Wilson.
''Oh my god. Brad how could you do this! She's a whore and your the reason why came committed suicide!''
''Yeah so'' he laughed.

''You fucking son of a bitch''
I punched him in the face and he fell to the ground. I kicked him.

''Fuck you''

Kye came and grabbed me around the waist. I thrashed in his arms and screamed''You killed Camm. Go to hell''

Kye had to drag me to another room.
''Anne! he screamed ''Baby stop. He's not worth killing''

''HE KILLED CAMM''! I screamed.

''Anne calm down!'' He pinned my arms to my sides. ''STOP! she's gone. He's a low life bastard.''

''Kye, I'm sorry''. I wrapped my arms around him. He put his around me.

''It's ok Anne''

''Kye I love you''

''I love you too.''

Chapter 10.

''Anne we should leave here.''

''Fine,I don't want to cry anymore''

Kye pulled me off of the ground and held me close to him.
''Come on let's go back to your house''

So we drove to my house. I was still really quiet and Kye was too.
We went into the living room to watch tv. Kye sat on the couch, and I sat with my head on his chest, and his arms wrapped around me.

''Anne aren't you happy?

I looked up to him.

''What do you mean?''

''I mean, now that we're together?''
I sat up to look him in the eyes.

''Kye I'm more than happy. I'm so happy I can't put it into words!''

He was cut off when my Mom ran into the living room.

''You fucking little whore, you brought a boi over?!''

''Mom, please don't!''

''You shut -up! and you!'' she looked at Kye. ''Who do you think you are?''

Kye got up to face my mom. God was he so brave.
''I'm Kye Calber, and I'm in love with your daughter''.

''Ohh..I see you two are sleeping together!''

''Mom stop!'' I snapped at her. I was no longer afraid of her.
She turned to face me. Her eyes wide with surprise.

''You've been hurting me since I was little. But NO MORE! You can't control anything I do. So back off Bitch!'' I yelled as Kye came next to me.

''What did you just say to me?''

''You heard me! You can't control my life, bitch!''
She started laughing. ''Oh I see....This boy has turned you into a bad girl''

''No Mom, he's turned me into a better person than I ever have been! Better than you!''

She glared at me with barred teeth.
She ran over to me, took out a knife and thre it at me. I fell to the ground and it hit the floor.
Kye jumped on my Mom and yelled''ANNE CALL THE POLICE''

I picked up my phone and dialed 911.
''Police department, what's your emergencey?''

''My mother had a knife and she tried to kill us, please send help!''

''Where do you live 129 Crestview. Hurry!''

''Ok,ok calm down. who's there with you?''

''Me, my boyfriend and my Mom.''

''Where are they at right now?''

''My boyfriend has my Mom under control and she's screming''

''Alright I'm sending help right now''

''Please hurry!''

Chapter 11.

The cops came and arrested my Mom.
Me and Kye were questioned.

''CAN Kye??

''No I'm sorry Miss.Strollo, he is being questioned'' the police officer said.

''He didn't do anything wrong. He was just protecting me''

''I'm sorry you can't see him.''

The cops were in my house and Kye was in the living room being questioned. I was in the library.
The police officer walked out of the library and outside to talk to my Mom. I got up from the chair and looked down the hall. *No one out here, I have to get to Kye* I thought. I walked down the hall and to the living room. Kye was sitting on the couch and had his head in his hands. I walked over and sat next to him. I could tell he was lost deep in thought, because I wrapped my arms around him and put my head on his shoulder and he didn't look at me.
After five minutes of him in my arms, he looked at me.

''Anne what's going to happen?''

''I don't know Kye. All I do know is that I love you and always will''

He wrapped his arms around me tighter and pulled me close to him.
''God, do I love you''

I looked up at him and kissed him on the lips. I pushed him down on the couch, and kissed him passionatley.

''Kye, I'll always love you''
He wrapped his arms across my back.
I ran my hands through his soft black hair. I stopped after a few minutes.

''Kye I'll be right back, I have to get something''
I tried to get up but he wouldn't let me off of him.

''We were so caught in the moment babe, don't leave''

''Kye I'll be right back''

He hugged me harder.He whispered in my ear ''I love you''

''I love you too'' I kissed him once again on the lips. I got up and said'' I'll be right back''

I ran up the stairs into my room. I went in my closet and found the Fall out Boy sweatshirt that Kye had given me. I buried my face in it. It had Kye's sweet smell. He always smelled sweet. I ran over to my purse and grabbed the pixx's that me and Kye had taken on our first date. I looked at them and tears welled in my eyes. I ran down the stairs while putting on the sweatshirt. I had the pixx's in my hand and I waled in the living room. Kye was sitting on the couch. I ran over to him.

''You still have that old sweatshirt?''

''Well the man I love gave it to me!''

He just had to laugh. He kissed my forehead.
''Look what I still have!''
I showed him the pixx's.

''Oh, baby you still have them''

''Why wouldn't I have them?''

''Well when you were mad me, I thought you would rip them up''

''I never would. Listen to me, I love you and we are going to be together for the rest of our lives. I want you to be with me forever. And I want to be with you forever.''

Kye pushed me back on the couch so that he was lying on me. He kissed me on the lips, and I kissed him back. He kissed my jaw and down my neck. I couldn't help but run my hands through his soft black hair.

''I love you so much Anne''

Chapter 12.

''What the hell do you think you two are doing?''

Me and Kye stopped kissing and we looked up to see the police officer that was questioning me.
Kye got of me and stood up. I stood up next to him.

''Didn't I tell you, that you were not permitted to see this young man!''

''She's 17 yrs. old and capable of thinking for herself!'' Kye yelled.

''Exuse me?'' the cop said as he stood in front of Kye who was only 6'1. This cop had to be 6'5 or taller.

''Will you just leave her alone'' Kye said as he reached for my hand. I had put our pixx's in my jacket pocket.

''She is to be finished questioned young man!'' the cop hissed at Kye.

''You've questioned her for four hours. You arrested her Mom and it's over now. We would like to be alone please! I felt Kye squeeze my hand harder.

''She's coming to the station now!'' the cop said as he walked towards me.

''NO! She's staying with me'' Kye said as he protectively moved in front of me.

''Please you know we're innocent, so leave us alone'' I said as I gripped Kye's right forearm.

''Very well. But you will be getting a call from the police station within a couple of days''
The cop said as he walked out of the living room.

''Kye thank you so much'' I hugged him tightly. He stroked my hair and tilted my chin up and kissed me. The fireworks shot through my body like our first kiss.

Kye's POV!

Whenever I kiss her I feel like passing out. She's making me crazy. I love her so much. I'm gonna ask her something that I've been wanting to ask her for a long time. But I have to wait.

end of POV

''Kye are your legs turning to jelly?'' I asked with a giggle.

''Yeah baby, they are!''

I went to go lock the door and I came back.

''Is that stupid cop gone?''

''Yeah I just had to go and lock the door. Hey you look tired.Want to go to sleep?''

''Yeah.I'm glad tommorro is saturday''


''Because we get to sleep in'' Kye said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. I had to laugh a little.

''Kye that tickles, stop'' I said with a giggle.

''Never baby!''
I ran up the stairs laughing and Kye came running after me also laughing. He chased me into my room. I stopped near my bed and Kye ran over and hugged me. I screeched and we landed on the bed. He was sitting on me and started tickiling me.

''Kye please stop!''

''Nope, not until you say I'm hott''

''Nope never!'' I said jockingly.

''Then I'll tickle you forever''.

Chapter 13.

''I'll stop if you tell me I'm hott!''

''Ok...Ok. You're hott!''

''See that wasn't hard!'' Kye said while laughing.

''Kye get off of me!'' I said while he got of me.

''Kye you are mean''I said jockingly.

''I know babe''he said as he layed down on the bed.


''Yeah Anne.''

''I wonder if Camm is in heaven.?!''

Kye sat up and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me.
''Anne, she's watching over you. And she is in heaven'' he said as he kissed my forehead.

''I know Kye it's just I miss her'' I said as I layed down.

''We all miss her'' he said as he laid down next to me.


''yeah Anne.?'' he whispered.

''Can you wrap your arm around me like you always do?''

''Sure Anne''

I felt his arm around my waist.
I shivered at his touch. It felt so good.

''Kye finally after all this time, we're together!''

''I know. It was worth waiting for you.''

I turned and faced him while he had
his arm still around me.

''Kye I now know where I belong!''

''Where's that Anne?''

''In your arms,Kye''

Chapter 14. [[ Final Chapter ]]

''Kye what do you want to name the baby?''

''Anne, you're the mother and I want you to name her!''

Kye reached over and touched our daughters head. I was in the hospital for nearly 5 days because there was worries that our baby would be born with a birth defect because I was so young.

''Kye listen to me, you helped make her and I want YOU to name her'' I said as I sat up in my hospital bed.

''Anne....I won't do it.'' he leaned over me and looked at our little baby. She had my blonde hair, Kye's big,beautiful blue eyes, his perfect mouth, and my nose. She was so tiny. Almost too small to survive. But she would be fine.

''Kye I heard of the italian name Isabella. Do you like it?''

''I was thinking of the same name!'' he said as he kissed our baby's head, then me.

''OK, then it's settled. Her name is Isabella'' I said as we hugged.

''Wait Kye, what about her middle name?''

After high school me and Kye moved to New York. We both went to NYU. After a year of college Kye purposed to me. It was beautiful. He took me to Staten island, and we sat on the beach talking for hours on end, when all of a sudden Kye got on his knee and asked me!
We got married on Myrtle beach. It was just the two of us, well and the justice of the peace! afterwards we finally got to go to Italy for our Honeymoon.! We got back and finished college. My Mom did get out of jail and is probably living on the streets as a pot-head. But when I turned 19 I found out I was pregnant, and had some trouble. Of course Kye was jumping up and down like he was high on weed or something(he wasn't). But now we're parents and happy!

A nurse came in the room and took litle Isabella and put her in Kye's arms for the first time.

''Oh my god, she's so tiny!'' he said as he held her close to him.

''I know. The nurse said she only weighs 5. 4 pounds.''

''Anne I love you so much for bringing this beautiful little girl into the world.''

I got up and sat next to him.
''it was my pleasure.''
I put my head on his shoulder and we both looked at Isabella. Then she did the most amazing thing. She smiled at us with her perfetc mouth and her big blue eyes.

''Wow, that's amazing!''

''I know, I've never seen a baby smile like that''



He turned to me.
''When I said I loved you forever,I lied.''

I looked at him in shock. '?What?!''

''FOREVER isn't long enough."

I smiled and looked up and kissed him passionatley. While he held our baby, we kissed like there was no tomarrow.
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