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Path Through The Cemetery

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The short,horrofic story, "Path Through the Cemetery", by Leonard Q. Ross, writes about a little,timid man who has been painfully,coldly teased and mocked abut being timid during his hours at the warm saloon everyday.
The story takes place in a snow covered, Russian village with, to Ivan or anyone else with the same fear, has a dead,dreadful cemetery.
In the beginning of the story, Ivan pushes his legs through the snow at his knees only to meet the saloon that is full of hurtful bullies. He ignores the fact and pushes through the snow covered wooden doors of the saloon only to be greeted by those same cold remarkes that makes him burn with anger.
Later, after Ivan had strongly ben trying to arge and protest againist the mockery the cold,hearted lieuteant challenges him a fearful challenge. He must cross the frghtful cemetery where you can feel the death under you.
Ivan decides that, to amke them stop the hurtful,bitter teasing, to cross the snow covered,dead cemetery. So he unwillingly takes the mocking challenge but the only thing to respond to him the shock in everyone's face but their laughter is an entertained,mocking laugh
Ivan turns around and walks and unsteady walk towards the door with the laughter leaving him and the careless,unwelcoming snow a short distances ahead.
Ivan again is pushing his legs through the thick snow to finally reach the iron,ice coated gate of the cemetery. Even though he knows he should dare not tread behind the closed gate he finds himself pushing the gate open.
Ivan whispers to himself,"Earth is only earth..." trying to surpress his fear but it only gets stronger.Finally the fear takes over and he starts to run with his long,worn out coat dragging behind him.
He finally sees the old,huge tomb where the families of the dead lay.AS the wind blows hard he can't hear it over his heavy sobs.With all his strength, which isn't muc because his fear is consuming it, drives a saber into the ground.
With relief that he was done, tried to get up. He felt a strong horror bind him to the ground as he tried to break free from it's grasp.
At the end of the story the proud lieuteant and the saloon if Ivan had did it or not. Not exepting to see what was next reached the middle of the cemetery.
There lay frozen and dead,Ivan. The saber had been sucessfully drove into the hard,ice ground along with the hem of Iva's worn coat. The lieuteant and the saloon stood half shocked and half grief-stricken for poor Ivan would not recieve his reward.

That is my summary what do you think?
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