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Rules + Helpful Hints For Hon

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RULES - Nothing new, just a consolidation of all the stickies. These are almost all non-negotiable, so it would be best if you didn't try to circumvent them.

General giudelines
Firstly, no pornographic images! If you're posting images that aren't suitable for viewing at work or in front of someone's parents (that aren't pornographic) please write 'NSFW' and use the [url] tags instead of [img] tags.
Example: [url=http://www.photobucket.com/image/url]

Do not plagiarize pictures.
To clarify, what I mean is, do not post a picture of some 'hawt scene kid' you have found on the internet and claim that it's you.

Only 1 HoN on the first page
No more than one HoN on the first page, even if they are new photos, just add them to the thread that already exists.
If a new HoN is made while the old one is still active on the front page it will either be locked or merged with the existing thread.
You may request your topic to be locked, I will only do it if the thread is over two pages.

No one wants to see a 14y/o in their underpants
This includes swimwear, unless the pictures are shots of you on a beach, by a pool or somewhere else where wearing swimwear would be appropriate and in context -- no bikini shots in bathroom mirrors.
This applies to males as well as females - Males are not allowed to post shirtless pictures unless in swimwear, and in a swimwear context as explained above.
Age is no exception to this rule, it doesn't matter if you are 14 or 22 - CLOTHES STAY ON.
Flaunting this rule will result in your thread being locked, and the picture deleted. Repeated flaunting of this rule will lead to an infraction on your account.

4 day rule
If a mod asks you to post a sign to prove that the pictures are you, you have 4 days to do so
Sign must include "_________ @ Emo-Corner.com"
Signs can not be typed in with photoshop. if you do this we may presume you are a fake and lock the topic there and then. it must be handwritten on a piece of paper or your hand
If you ignore this and make more topics anyway, we will lock them until you make a sign.

As a note to other members, no need to bash the OP about a sign, once it's asked for, leave it at that.

For found out fakes:
Come on dude, admit it. You're found out. Game over, ok? Don't throw a tantrum, call us liars, accuse others of being fake or use the words 'you're just jealous.'
If you can't just say, yeah ok I admit it, I'm sorry. You may as well leave immediately. I won't play around with this sort of crap.

You can ask for a sign once but do not repeatedly attack members for signs.
Either myself or another mod will ask them for a sign and after this, you be quiet.
This rule is not for you guys to enforce. We will deal with it.

Do not make a HoN for someone else
If they wanted to make a HoN they would have, so don't take it into your own hands and make it for them.
It'll be locked and if a member continuously breaks this rule they will be officially waned.

These are the rules of this section
If they are not followed either myself or another mod will lock the thread
If the rules continue to be broken warnings will be given
It will be assumed that you are aware of all of these regulations when posting.

K. Thx

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Quick guide on how to spot fakes by Oblivion./Siren:
- Fuzzy pictures maybe with a url on it from a vampirefreaks account that no longer exists, or does exist
- the people in the pictures don't match up
- If you google emo boy/girl or scene boy/girl you get a picture of the person up
- You've seen the picture somewhere else
- [no offense intended here] the person posting has a very low post count and usually very bad spelling. don't think just because someone has bad spelling their picture isn't them though.
- They've got an album saying something like 'my friends' where the filenames of the pictures are things like 'emo.jpg' 'true-emo-fashion-and-style.png'
- They get very aggressive when you call them out on saying a picture isn't theirs, like saying you're really a fake, the picture is theirs and you're just jealous, threaten you etc.

Tips for posting in the HoN Section
-Do not over-edit your pictures. If you're completely unrecognizable in the picture, it kind of defeats the purpose of Hot Or Not.
-Make sure your pictures aren't too bright, too dark, too small, or of a very low quality. We like to be able to see pictures.
-Smile! Nobody wants to see an ultra-depressed, 'the world is on my shoulders' kind of picture. Emo is a genre of music and a fashion, it's not about being depressed or emotional. You'll get better responses if you smile.
-Don't cover your face with your hair. What's the point of posting pictures if all you can see is hair?
-Be creative with your poses. Nobody wants to see seventeen pictures which all look exactly the same.
-Don't take peoples' comments on your pictures to heart. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
-Don't be overly harsh or snide in your criticisms of other people's pictures. There's no need to be horrible.
-If you're under the age of 13 or 14, it might be better if you didn't post pictures of yourself. For one thing, your parents probably wouldn't allow it, and for another, you're still very young- you don't need to worry about looks for a long time yet. Besides, we can't honestly call a twelve-year-old 'hot'.
-Bad angles can make you look awful. Don't point the camera up from below your face, as it can make you look fat. And you can see up your nose. For a flattering angle, hold the camera just slightly above face height, and tilt it downwards a little bit.

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