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Goodbye ?

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How do you say good bye to someone you love? How do you make such a decision in the first place? Life makes it for us Reason and emotion don?t go hand in hand But our hands Fit nicely together Until life told us otherwise Goodbye Is such a cruel sounding word Like death It plagues the mind of the living And the heart that is used to giving love But goodbye Sometimes Is not a final end But the beginning of a new chapter
And the creation of a fond memory Which will keep our heart company forever ...Goodbye my friend I love you ...
!!!!!!!!!you!!!!!!!!!!do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!know!!!!!!!!!how!!!!!!!!!!!much!!!!!!!!! i !!!!!!!!!!love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

read this next if you want to be happy lol

1) i love you today and i will love you tomorrow just some words to clear the sorrow.... you will never leave my heart from this day forward you sexy beast i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve you !!!

2) (if your still feeling sad?) i am hoping you can forgive me, for hurting you so badly, i tell you i love you, and it's far from a lie. i cry apologizing .......... and if i have ever made you so angry im sorry as well

3) if god would ask me if i want to live forever or live with my boyfriend only for one day I would say to him even one second with my boyfriend is worth more than my life alone.

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