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The Effects Of Our Overly Sexualized Culture On Our Youth

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Rellik San

Rellik San

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I don't think our society is overly sexualised, there is nothing out there now that wasn't available 20, 30, 40 even 50 years ago, the main difference is now its out in the open.

Even then it's no more out in the open then it was 50 years ago, teenagers were always fucking each other; not because the media told them too, but because when you're a teen your hormones are firing so much anything with a hole or vaguely phallic shaped will do. We can tell people all we want that they are bad for having these urges, that they are somehow lesser and wrong because they chose to act on them... but I'd argue that is a very unhealthy and even harmful way to treat the issue. What the world needs; Better sex education, understanding parents and for kids at 12 to learn and understand the true nature of what's happening to their bodies. All we can do is arm them with information and hope that they make all the right choices, kids are gonna fuck no matter what. As for parents who go on about the moral degradation of teens, can they honestly say they weren't trying to fuck when they were teens? Do you genuinely believe rampaging hormones is a recent thing that only afflicts this generation?

You can argue about sex being used to sell and therefore desensitising kids; BUT what do you call the pin up girls from the 20's, 30's and 40's? Sex has always sold and girls in adverts now wear no more or less then some of those pin up models did all those years ago. You can not blame modern society for something that's been around forever.

Infact Rod1 I'd argue your main post is almost a step away from a rapist saying "look how she's dressed, she deserved it."
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I think it's disgraceful that people as young as 14 or 15 are receiving the message that they should be having casual sex on a regular basis. Even this forum is guilty of encouraging inappropriate attitudes towards sex among these people who are essentially children.
Does anyone else feel the same or am I the only sane person left?

Weeeeell, the human body is capable of delivering babies at the age of 16. I know they're not having sex to make babies (which is hilarious, that's what sex is for... then they wonder why they get all kinds of STD-s :P )
But get used to it, today's world is a big satanistic bowl. (doesn't matter what you think, THEY, who feed people stupid things via the mass media, believe he exists and they worship him. Guess what efect that has on our children... *looks at silly gaybi atheists* )

So far I haven't seen encouragement here, though. And luckily no girls with pics which consist of boobs and butts. O_o
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