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Roleplaying House Rules

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Rellik San

Rellik San

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Basic House Rules

1. Standard EC and Game Forum Rlues apply.
"Hey you're a poopyhead."
"Hey you're warned."

2. Post Length - Please try to keep your posts to meaningful content and important information only;
"We don't need to know what you had for lunch, but do let us know about your posture and mood."

3. No power playing - doing so will be met with at first a warning, then a removal from the game. Continued power playing will have referred you to the forums disciplinary action.
"You maybe strong, but you aren't able to hit Cronos the Titan by using the Empire State Building like a baseball bat. "

4. Deus Ex Machinas - If a game is losing momentum, it is acceptable for a player to perform a minor power play to liven it up again.
"HEY! Why are you guys gabbing over lunch?! Draken just exploded with power and is destroying the city!"

5. Interactions - Interacting with other characters in a nominal way, there will be a degree of control of that character, but only a minor one, nothing character defining.
"As I throw my pokeball, the energy formed into a monster causing Gary to recoil in horror as Charizard began his rampage."

6. PvP - Combat between player characters is always gonna be a tricky subject, but I say keep it short and sweet and make sure the only thing left is a change in the interaction dynamics.
"Bart swung his skate board and it landed across Jimbo's face sending him reeling."
"As Jimbo recovered, his nose broken and bleeding from the strike, he produced his flick knife and growled 'you're dead Simpson.' "

Now here's some things to keep in mind.

The type of roleplay we do most of here is free form, no rules, but please do try and keep your characters actions inline with the physics of that world. Nothing breaks a game like someone surviving a 50ft drop in real world physics terms.

Also inter-character conflict is cool, it helps us flesh out our characters relationships and what type of person they are, however we know when you become attached to your character some times without meaning too, conflicts between characters become personal and that isn't cool. So instead here's some guidelines to stop it becoming a petty squabble;

1. Talk it over,

2. Look at your character pages,

3. Decide who based on their skill set is likely to win,

4. Roleplay the scenario with end result in mind,

5. If that doesn't work, ask me and I'll make the choice for you either analytically or by random chance. I won't be taking active part in a lot of games, so you can count on my decision being impartial.

Remember, a game isn't worth losing a friend over.

But the most important rule we have around here:

Have fun!
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So when you say "no power playing" you're really saying it was wrong of me to transform in to Voltron: Defender of the Universe and destroy Wonderland (and every PC in it).
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    Nigrescent Black Hole

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Poopyhead.... We aren't allowed to say poopyhead? D:

Yeah I get the general gist, but that made me lol. And all the rules do make sense, they're well done and concise.
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