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The Final Countdown

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Holly smiled, letting out a small sigh of relief, and relaxing slightly. He put one finger to his head, and began to respond. "I think...what matters is in here," he explained. "I mean...no one chooses the gender they're born with, so, if you feel, in your head, the one you were born with is wrong...then...it is wrong."

In response to the last two things Jasmine said, he smiled again. "Thank you...but, you need to hear that yourself...This side of you I've seen today...this real side of you, suits you much better. You don't need to hide behind anything, either."

He took one step towards Jasmine, but, at that moment, someone pounded on the door, and Holly instinctively turned away from it, his heart pounding in his chest.

"Oi!" Holly's brother yelled as he flung the door open. "Since when did you get ho-...Who are you?" he demanded Jasmine, and the boy with his back turned to him.


Gem scrambled to his feet, glaring at Sammie as they began to run. "You idiot," he grumbled at her. "That was a stupid thing to do...Now they're angrier than ever, and have nothing to distract them from chasing you. Do you actually have a brain? I could have handled them just fine on my own!"

He could almost feel the idiots gaining on them, and continued breathlessly. "What are we supposed to do now? You don't have anywhere to go...do you?...Neither do I."

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Jasmine was about to reply to Holly when the door was flung open and what seemed to be her big brother stormed in. She smiled cutely and looked at him. "I'm Jasmine Miller, a friend of Holly's and this is my brother Jason, Holly just went to get changed, and said we could wait here... and I know she's not allowed icky boys in her room, but you don't have to worry about Jason... he's gay, so not interested in your little sister whatsoever..." she said cutely, putting on her little show she always did that got her out of trouble.


Sammie frowned "I was just trying to help you!" she cried "Ain't no one ever helped me before... I was scared...I'm sorry." she replied as they carried on running not really knowing where they were going.


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Jess woke up sprawled out on the floor of her room, her hair was a knotted mess. And she thought there might be drool dried onto her cheek.
She quickly looked at her watch and then got to her feet. And threw her long knotted blonde hair up into a messy poney tail and pulled on a pair o jeans, she was still wearing Tim's sweat shirt and didn't bother changing out of it.
The calmly made he way down stairs and out of the house ignoring the looks her parents were giving her. She walked to the nearest bus stop and after a moment of reading the rout this one would take she sighed and sat to wait for it.
The bus finally came and she quickly got on and took a seat at the middle of the bus.
When it finally came to her stop Jess rose slowly and made her way off.
She walked to he destination and pushed the big door open.
When she was inside the big police station she walked to the front desk and pulled out he ID.
"I'm here to see Tim." She said, her voice cold. The woman at the desk looked up at he and then at the ID and then nodded and got up to lead Jess back.
As they made their way back she began to shake. By the time they reached the cell Tim was in Jess was shaking, and on the verge of crying.
As the door opened Jess looked in at Tim and walked in slowly, jumping as the door slammed behind her.
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