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A Denied Existence


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Kurayami Michio

Kurayami Michio

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Flying through the vacant space

Across the deep violet sea

And the dark forest below

Even the mind seems to sleep


Looking into the calm river

But the bitter wind kills it

That distorted face is reflected

Can't seem to wake up from the dream


It was a nightmare

Lying on the bed

Everything looks like messed up

These eyes just won't shut anymore


In the midst of this misery

On this long night 

Trying to refrain this disenchanted feeling

But it is just useless


The purple flower

That I always love

I can't reach it anymore

Because of these filthy hands



Love and Hate



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    Tortured Rose

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Hello. And Bye. Spanish superclub Real Madrid has entered into an exclusivity agreement with Electronic Arts' licensed video game franchise for this year's edition, "FIFA 16." The deal means that up-to-date likenesses of Real Madrid's players and pitch will become exclusive to the September game.The three-year-deal means that FIFA 16 will feature updated 3D head scans of 14 Real Madrid players, with EA naming Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez and Karim Benzema among them.
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    Tortured Rose

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Hello. And Bye. Alex Morgan and Christine Sinclair have made history by becoming the first women to feature on the front cover of the football video game Fifa 16.Morgan will appear on the American version and Christie will feature on the Canadian cover - with both appearing alongside Barcelona's Lionel Messi.The pair played in this year's Women's World Cup and Morgan was part of the United States team which won the tournament earlier this month, as they beat Japan 5-2 in the final, while Sinclair was captain of hosts Canada.The next edition of the world's best-selling sports game will feature women's teams for the first time.Morgan said: "It is an incredible honour to be one of the first women featured on the cover of EA Sports Fifa." "I know people all over the world play this game and I'm really excited that Fifa 2016 is putting such an important spotlight on women's soccer." Twelve international women's teams will now be playable in the game, which has only ever featured men's team since it was first released in 1993.
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And though I know there is one way out for me, you must not and I must not take it!
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    Spiraling Tempest

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Det er mange Gratis viser, attraksjoner, utstillinger og turer i Las Vegas-omradet, du trenger bare a vite hvor du finner dem Las Vegas Reiseguide kan hjelpe.
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