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Favorite Television Series...which One Do You Like?

Television Series On-going

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    Come on baby show me what that loaded gun is for?

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I think with all these new series out there, its hard to weave out the good from the bad to the alright.


So what television series is right now the one that you can't stop watching?


Name of show:

Why you like it:

What's it About?:

Number of seasons:

Favorite episode:

Promo/trailer of show:




  1. Name of show:   White Collar

    Why you like it:  It is so good and I've been hooked since the first season. The main characters are extremely well protrayed and the dynamics are really good. Every episode is really well acted, a lot of action even though its a "White Collar" themed shows.  The very concept of the guy who caught the criminal and the one who is the criminal is just such a guilty pleasure of mine. I also like how they make the main characters grow but still leave you wondering on the relationship between Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey and the episodes are always fascinating.


What's it About?:  Neal Caffrey, a con man, forger and thief, is captured after a three-year game of cat and mouse with the FBI.

With only months left serving a four-year sentence Neal skips prison. Peter Burke, the FBI agent who initially captured Caffrey, finds and returns him to prison. This time, Caffrey proposes a deal with the FBI, as part of a work-release program. Burke agrees, and thus begins this arrangement where Caffrey helps Burke apprehend white collar criminals.

Number of seasons:  5  but is on-going

Favorite episode: Copycat Caffrey

Promo/trailer of show:


Name of show: Psych

Why you like it:  Its funny, love Shawn Spencer in it and the duo is pretty funny. I like the little references to certain 80's movies and how good Shawn is of getting out of a jam.

What's it About?:  Shawn originally becomes known as a psychic when, after calling in tips on dozens of crimes covered on the news which help the police to close the case, the police become suspicious of his knowledge. The police theorize that such knowledge could only come from the "inside" and they decide to arrest him as a suspect. To avoid being sent to jail, Shawn uses his observational skills to convince the police that he is psychic. The interim police chief warns Shawn that if his "powers" are fake, he will be prosecuted. With no choice but to keep up the act, and having proven himself an effective aid to the police in solving crimes, he establishes a psychic detective agency, Psych, and becomes a consultant to the police.

Number of seasons:  8 is also on-going

Favorite episode:  "Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark"

Promo/trailer of show: 

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    Tortured Rose

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Mkay well i dont really think im able to answer all those question at the moment, but i love, futurama, family guy, the simposn, south park, chuck, CSI, two and a half men ( the ones with charlie in it, i hate ashton kutcher.), american dad, invader zim, adventure time, true blood, Weeds, the regular show, adventures of gumball, ed edd and eddy, courage the cowardly dog, dagon ball z, naruto, one piece, fairytale, bleach, death note, pokemon, spongebob, under the dome. thats just off the top of my head xD lol theyre rad trip out to i dig the story lines and i really love cartoons and funny things. :P

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Name of show:   Supernatural

Why you like it: Because, it's not like all the other bogstandard shows out there, and actually is clever, and has some really great plot twists at times! 

What's it About?: Dean and Sam Winchester, are both brothers, and after a childhood trauma, their dad goes on a hunting trip and doesn't return for a few days, so the boys set off following a journal of co-ordinates, newspaper headlines, and the odd text message and call from their dad. They aren't normal hunters though, they hunt supernatural beings, ghosts, witches, demons, and even Wolves/Vampires. 

Number of seasons: 9 and ongoing. 

Favorite episode: I'm only on season 2 at the moment, so I don't have a favorite just yet!! But probably either the Vampire one or Bloody Mary. 

Promo/trailer of show:

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    Spiraling Tempest

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Name of show:   Supernatural, Lost Girl, Secret Circle, Being Human

Why you like it:   I have no idea! well... Supernatural= 2 hot brothers arguing all the time who are badasses.

                                      Lost Girl= a sucubis (person who needs sex to survive!)Theres a hot were wolve and Bo (bo=the sucubis) can kill you by fucking you!

                                              Secret Secret= It's about younge withches.   They need to keep playing the show!!!!!!1

                                                 Being Human= werewolve + vampire + witches + ghost witch + drunk sister= amazing!!!!!!

What's it About?:  Kinda explained above

Number of seasons: Supernatural is still going,  Lost girl is too, Secret cirlce is 1 or 2,    Being human is still going as well.

Favorite episode:  Supernatural is were they first meet Metatron in a hotel were they leave books outside his hotel room.

                                    Lost girl is were Bo finds out that Trix is her Great Grandpa

                                       Being Human is when Kenny get's turned or when  Aiden find's out his old wife he thought died had killed thre son Issac.

Promo/trailer of show:   Confusion!!!!!!!!

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    Delicate Snowflake

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Name of show: American Horror Story
Why you like it: ı like stories in this show ı think thats why ı like it
What's it About?: every season is about another story
Number of seasons:3
Favorite episode: ı love all of them lol
Promo/trailer of show:
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