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The Hallway

- - - - - poetry

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So I don't claim this to be good, but It's my favorite piece I've written so far.



 The Hallway


I feel as if I am walking.

Walking down a long, windowless hallway.

The longer I walk, the farther

The end of it seems.

It is narrow and dark,

But from some unknown place

A small, fragile ray of hope shines.

This small hope is all that keeps me walking.

I am walking towards an unknown destination.

I begin to feel claustrophobic,

Pressured into this strange place,

And left there alone and scared.

No one is here to help me.

People try, they try hard to reach me,

To help me.

But I am beyond help.

There is nothing more they can do.

I have my Lord as my friend

And the Bible as my light.

As I walk, the long hallway stretches ever longer,

I feel as if my legs will not carry me another step.

I have been cut to the quick,

Wounded as no one ever should be

To live my life on my own.

I feel even more alone as I look back

To where I have come from.

I can no longer see the beginning of my path,

Of this strange journey I have been

Chosen to travel.

I feel a deep, unshakeable despair.

I am unable to carry myself through

Any longer.

Then that tiny ray of hope,

Thin and pale as a sunbeam,

Swells and carries me

When I feel I cannot take

Another step.

A cry wracks my form.

“Nothing is left for me!”

I shout, no longer walking,

but fallen to my knees.

“Why has this happened?

Why have you chosen me?”

I feel a new feeling

A sense of Peace and Calm

A Voice calls out from the void

That is my life.

“My child, just hold on.”

I go into a sense of hiding.

No mortal one can reach

Inside my reprieve.

I am being carried through my hallway

By a force I cannot see.

My mind is blank and swimming

With thoughts at the same time.

My life itself is a contradiction.

I am unreachable, but being carried through

This trial I cannot explain.

I still question my Lord with

“Why? Why me?

What did I ever do to deserve this?”

But in my sorrow I hear

That same Voice saying,

“It is not what you deserve.

I have not made it more than you

Can bear.”

Even though I know these words are truth,

And I am comforted for a time,

My life is still that long, long hallway

Twisted by Pain and Time.



Feedback and critique welcome, as are questions.

also, please don't steal this. That should go without saying, but you know...

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