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Headache Man


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Kurayami Michio

Kurayami Michio

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A lonely guy
Is crying without tears under the Moon
Feeling deep depression
He has lost his sense
The man is going crazy
He's having a terrible headache
As if his head is full with maggots
Countless voices are whispering "Go die"
The Headache Man can't take it anymore
He wants to kill the annoying maggots in his brain
Painkillers don't seem to work for him
He hates himself already because of that
Everybody doesn't care for him by the way
So he must end this madness one way or another
The maggots somehow become his new friends
Telling him what to think and what to do
The next day when the Sun sets
And the Moon shows her smiling face
The Headache Man does what the maggots have told him
He takes a very long line of rope with him
And off he goes to the Moon eagerly, impatiently 
He ties the rope around the Moon's waist
And makes a knot with a circle opening at the end
Then he makes a bungee jump off from the Moon 
But with the rope tied around his neck
Going up and down
Up and down in the air
His adrenaline is at its best
It's going to be his first and last doing it anyway
When all the excitement has finally over
The aftermath slowly takes place 
Blood goes out from his mouth, nose and ears 
Along with his bloody maggots friends
Headache Man looks down to the ground below
He can see every single people that he loves
Waving their hands at him
Giving their last farewells while they are smiling
Everything feels so serene tonight 
With the stars shine bright like diamonds
Everybody is happy watching him
Hanging by the Moon in the night sky
Now the Headache Man feels happy 
With his eyes coming out from the sockets
Because everyone loves him finally at last
He just want to be loved all this while 
Only two drops of tears 
Fall down on his cheeks
"Bye bye Mother... bye bye Father.
So long and good night." 

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FIFA 16 is going to have the updated 3D head scans of fourteen Real Madrid¡¯s most popular players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodr¨ªguez and Karim Benzema. EA Sports has posted a video which displays the hidden hard work and how technolgy is upgrading with FIFA 16.FIFA 16 has arrived with another news as EA SPORTS joins Real Madrid as official videogaming partner. Electronic Arts and Real Madrid has tied an exclusive deal of three-year making EA SPORTS the official videogame partner of the Spanish club.
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That certain wags in Rotterdam have certain especial antipathies to certain burgomasters and astronomers.
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Hemmalag: Molde Bortalag: FK Haugesund Liga/turnering: Eliteserien Resultat ordinarie tid: 0 1 Resultat matchslut: 0 1 Vinnare: FK Haugesund.
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