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16 Year Old Guy, Looking For 16-18 Year Old Emo Girl

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    Delicate Snowflake

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Hello everyone. I have no idea where to start. I would love to have made an introduction thread for myself, but I feel it would have been redundant for me, since I would introduce and talk about myself in this thread, also. I realize this is long, but I am a total chatterbox, so I tried to make it as short as possible. I'm not trying to bore you to death. I would include a picture of myself, but I'm not THAT great with technology.


My name is Gabriel, but everyone calls me Gabe. I'm 16, in America, and when I go back to high school, I will be a junior. For a few years, I have kind of had a thing for emo girls, or girls with emo qualities. I realize most of the girls and guys here are not exactly emo, but regardless. I'm also not emo myself, but I do have emo qualities. And, I am not using emo as a derrogative label. I do not judge people before I get to know them. Anyway:


I listen to what could be considered emo-type music by some, mainly my favorite band, Hollywood Undead. I also like Deuce,Eminem, some Daft Punk, techno/dubstep, rock, and classical. So, kind of a little bit of everything.

I have a similar outlook on life as an emo person might, being cynical and pessimistic. But, no matter what, I can always see a silver lining in my life. I am partially a loner, except with good friends. I have a lot of opinions/thoughts that I keep to myself, even though I try to be outgoing, brave, and friendly. And, finally, while my clothing is not exactly gothic or emo, I wouldn't look out of place at a Hot Topic store.


I am Mexican/Spanish, Aztec, and German. I'm about 5 foot 7in, or 170.18 centimeters tall. I have natural,  black hair, and eye-glasses that I have had for a few years.


I am a science nerd, and I have been ever since I was about 4 years old. I am an expert and enthusiast of many forms of science, including paleontology (my main field of expertise), history and the human condition (my second best) botany, biology, the human body, human, nature and philosophy, nature, geography, astronomy, psychology, strategy, and I also dabble in technology, and everything in-between. I have an I.Q. of about 116.


My personality is an odd mix of constant, constant, sarcasm, comebacks, jokes (of any and all kinds), and fun. Be warned, I have almost no limits on my jokes. But, I can and will be serious when I need to be, or feel like it. I usually hide my inner side, which is where I can say my most intelligent thoughts, feelings, and facts, very determind concentration and focus, and overall be much more serious.


I am a very political person, and a conspiracy theorist, and I want to change the world for the better. I support vigilantism. If you want more about all this stuff, you must talk to me personally.


I believe anything is possible, and no matter how stupid or unlikely something is, I at least take it into consideration.


I have several mental conditions. Nothing that makes me insane, just different:



I may have had ADHD when I was little, but it is gone now. Sometimes remnants of it resurface.

Bipolar disorder

Narcissism (I may have Narcissism, but I do not consider myself to be better than other people, except for people I don't really like- politicans, for example)


I also have a photographic memory, which is awesome.


I'm not a very athletic person, but I do love to walk, jog, and run, when I can. I know Taekwondo martial arts, and I have aggressively practiced, studied, and tried many major martial arts, techniques, and skills.


I'm a very brave person, almost to the point of being a little naive, if I ever get into a fight. I fight dirty, unless it is agreed that we fight honorably. I am willing to fight to the death for friends, family, loved ones, and what I believe in.


One of my heroes is Nikola Tesla. For many reasons.


I have read and loved dozens of Spider-Man and Batman comic books (mostly Spider-Man comics, but I love both Batman and Spider-Man about equally)


I always talk about how I hate having these conditions, but in reality, I would rather have them than not. They define who I am, I am proud to have them, and they help me more than they hinder me.


I have very strong morality, a code of honor, kind of like Batman. I am Catholic, but I do question religion. I'm definitley not a zealot, and I'm not a perfect Catholic. I do not judge people by what religion they choose, no matter how stupid or odd the modern public thinks it is. I won't judge people if they choose atheism, or are agnostic. I want equality and respect for all people, including the LGBT community, who I support, even though I am straight.


I'm partially an environmentalist, but not a zealot one.


Favorite tv shows of the past (just a taste)

The Amazing World of Gumball

Several series of TMNT

Several series of Batman


All of the Ben 10 series

Ed Edd N' Eddy

Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and on Deck

Hot Wheels World Race, AcceleRacers( to a much lesser extent, Battle Force 5)


Movies(just a taste): 9 (2009)- TIm Burton

Kick-Ass 1 and 2

Batman trilogy (Christopher Nolan)

Spider-Man (Sam Reimi, and the Reboot series)


Video Games- A HUGE part of my life, my favorite form of entertainment. I play them for several hours each day. I have played over 100 video games in my life, so, again, this is just a taste.


Batman Arkham (my favorite)

Assassin's Creed (second favorite)


Watch Dogs and Sleeping Dogs


Far Cry 3


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Need for Speed

TMNT: Out of the Shadows


Video game systems I have/had:




Xbox 360

PC-Have, but it is almost 10 years old


Original Xbox



The Maze Runner series (all 4)

Marty and Grace/Cryptid Hunters series

Diary of a WImpy Kid


What I HATE:

Stupid, people, evil, corrupt people


Humorless and uptight people



Sluts and jerks

People who don't see their own/full potential

Gangsters and cops

People who are annoyed be me


People who think they are better than me

Environmental destruction and ignorance


What I would want in a woman:


Cute/adorable, skinny (white) girl, maybe a little taller or shorter than me- I prefer white emo girls,  just my main preference- I'm not that much into others, except Asians, which might be 2nd

I care about looks, but not as much as the average person-I believe all people are beautiful in their own way, even if I can't see it

A girl who is 16-18 years old (I was born January 16th, 1998)

Outgoing, spunky

NOT a slut and/or a total bitch (please excuse my language)

A sense of humor

Rainbow-colored/aritifically colored hair, as in like, blue, red, green hair. I think that looks awesome (mostly blue hair)

Someone who completely understands me, my personality, and my life

Who is there for me when I need or want them

Girl who is o.k. with a long distance relationship (I would prefer that you live in Texas, like me, but it's not a must)

Realizes and matches my stubborn nature, determination, and will


Alright, almost done. If anyone is interested in me, just personnal message me. I would want you to include your cell phone number, and kik username, and I will give you mine. And maybe your Playsation Network username, if you play video games. I won't be able to text or call you until Thursday or Friday, though. My phone is being worked on.


That is all for now. Please forgive me for this long blob of text. I will be checking this over the next several hours and days. I want to stay on these forums, and meet people. Thank you.


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    Spiraling Tempest

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Dude drop the creepy picture xP Lol upload an actual one and you'll have more luck :]

Didn't read any of your post btw!

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    Delicate Snowflake

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Dude drop the creepy picture xP Lol upload an actual one and you'll have more luck :]

Didn't read any of your post btw!

If you had read my post, you would have explicitly seen why I chose to not upload an image of myself. Read before you criticize. Contructive criticism of course.

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