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I Wanna Die.

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    Tortured Rose

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Tip I got: I seen this before ...get allies. Stay away from home. My family basically...has this mutual understanding of each other. Occasionally my mom will try to parent. You got to stand up a bit, my dad trashed all my writing one day, my husband had things happen too.  I found comfort in leaving the house, even going for a walk in the afternoon, if they don't care about your emotions why the fuck they care if you're there or not right? If you have curfew stick by it, chores... just do what they tell you to do while also doing your own thing.


You can try I find its always good, to find a friend who can punch your family out.  Literally my dad threatened to kick my husband's ass and he laughed and laughs every time he hears that threat it makes him chuckle. ....  :Doh: 


J.K. I  Didn't encourage that.


Find friends, social groups. Stay away from the house. If you want you can try being curt with everyone. Also taking them aside and talking to them like adults, may work. 


Although from the parents aspect....she might be under a lot of stress. I remember my mom would do the same thing. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE" so I'd leave then it be like "Don't you love me no more? Your too young to go out on your own" ....then come back home "Bitch you better have the fucking rent money" *I always do*. 


Sarcasm works too. But your mom does love you, cause she would not be freaking every time you leave if she did not. Your mom loves you regardless what you may think of her. Just talk to her. Okay, parents where kids too once, I mean I was the worst kind of teenager and now I realize it. LOL  I mean you got to think we are only people like you. I feel for your mom I can get that way too. Sometimes you have to teach your parents what its like to be a kid. Its hard to be an adult! Its hard being a kid!! 



Coming from a step mom of two and my son from and currently pregnant. I say...talk to your mom. Try to do it when she isn't stressed. But you need to sit down and talk your 12.  Time to grow a little. If nothing stops. I pretty much gave you the hand guide. Don't give up on your mom, I think she's confused.

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    Tortured Rose

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