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Strict Parents And Getting What Can Be Beneficial To You And Them

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Alright, I've had this issue for a few years now and I think I'm ready to start looking for a few answers.

Let's start: I want to cut my hair, reach out to my parents about myself and how I'm changing, and get my internet and social restrictions off of my laptop. For a long time my hair has been about to my shoulder blades (since I was about 12), and that's hard to manage when it's curly and thick. I've been wanting to cut it and donate to charity, but my parents always say no and never give me a reason. I've been wanting to donate my hair ever since I was about 6, but every time I ask, the answer is no with no reason behind it except because they said no.

Second thing, I do want to tell my parents I am transgender (slightly new) and eventually gain my first in person girlfriend. I do remember my mom reading something on my laptop's wallpaper saying gay is okay and she asked about it but I only said I was bisexual. They did say they'd accept me for whatever I become, but they seem to not be remembering when they said that and they're considering me as almost an outcast. Point is, I want to tell them more about myself so they can help me go through change.

Third, I have internet restrictions. Windows Live Family Safety. I believe I've had these for about 4-5 years, going on 5-6 in January, but it feels like 7 or more. I'm turning 16 March 2015 and I feel as though I'm old enough to take the responsibility and watch over what I view. Though my sister is 11 at the moment, we just got the TV restrictions taken off (switched cable services), and she knows better than to watch anything my parents would get mad over. I do as well, which is why I want to get the restrictions off. The same goes for social life. I have like 3 good friends and a best friend. Mainly girls and I want to hang out with them more often, but my parents won't let me unless they know where I am and what time I'm home. When I ask for one or the other, the answer tends to be no and again with no reason behind it all.

All in all, I just want to know how to somewhat smoothly inform my parents about these thoughts and see if there could be a way to compromise or get exactly what I really want. If anyone can give advice and/or examples as to how to let my parents know, I would surely appreciate it. Change is difficult for me, but without my family support, I'll have a hard time accepting it.

Thank you c:
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1) Ask them to take you to the barber and get what you want.  OR, go to walgreens, buy some clippers, and buzz your hair.  

2) Don't.  

3) My parents tried that when I was around 12 or 13.  I was able to get around it, so they stopped.  It didn't really matter because I wasn't allowed on the computer during the week.  Plus, we only had a family computer, so I couldn't really do dirty things on it.  


Talk to your parents and remember: Parents are parents not friends.  


Shit, I remember talking to my parents about allowing them to get me Battlefield 1942 when I was 10 and Battlefield Vietnam when I was 12.  


As long as your parents don't see you as a danger to yourself you will be fine.  

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