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More Sonnets. [[of My Love]]

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When Reality is Hard To Distinguish...
When all that I know is falling apart
I cling to the one thing I know is real
The one person I keep close to my heart...
The only person who knows how I feel
The floors are crumbling beneath my feet
And the ones I know are turning away
I can't be safe hiding under the sheet
I'm only safe in your arms, night and day
Lost in insanity, no identity
I don't know where else to turn but to you
Dependant on you ? keep my sanity...
All I give in return ? my love for you.

Please Don't Take Him.
God, please don't take him away from me.
I've finally found the boy for me,
And all you do is take him away?
Please don't make him break my heart today!
His smile makes my whole world seem softer
Moments without him, all seem harder.
Oh dear god, please don't take him away
Or I may not live another day
I won't go on, not feeling his touch
Hearing his voice, or even as much...
I need his soul around to feel safe
Even if a smile is all he gave
If you take that away from me now
I'll break to pieces and show you how
If a girl finally finds her half
If you take him away, she rips in half.

Please Don't Leave.
I'm falling in love, all over again
Though I never know what to say to you
My heart is cold 'til I'm with you again
You've no idea what I'd do for you
These moments are slipping by way too fast
But I savour every moment with you
Before I know it, precious moments passed
and I'm dreading saying goodbye to you
But that very last heavenly moment
where i would lean forward and kiss your lips
You've no idea, just how important
you make me feel; I can't let go of this
Catch us in a lover's passionate kiss;
Know that I will never let go of this
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