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Science, Faith, Or Both

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For Wolf Sake

For Wolf Sake

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the same way many illnesses can be caused by a living thing in side you that shouldn't be there, do you think the same thing could be true about mental illness. they say it is caused by some chemical imbalance in the brain, but we need chemicals in our brain to perceive anything. whats to say that one is simply intouch with something that is actually there but can not be sensed by other people. maybe its these things that cause what doctors call schizophrenia/schizoeffective disorder.

all im saying is the voices i hear dont sound like i do, use the words that i do, and even sometimes speak a language that no human i know of speaks ( i was talking to someone named Shhhhh Rahh'Khu) and ive had luck with talking to plants animal and a river. hell hearing voices is how i came up with the whole time, space, fate, magic, and thought are my highest gods thing.


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I would look at it a different way- the inputs from your sensory organs are processed by your brain, so in other words your brain is in control of everything you see, hear, smell, etc. I think it's entirely reasonable that if a mental illness causes the brain to function in an abnormal way, that could cause you to experience sounds or see things that aren't really there. What I mean is, for example when you see a tree, your brain receives a signal from your eyes and it processes that signal and you become aware that you're seeing a tree. But what if something goes wrong during that process and that signal gets changed or your brain interprets it incorrectly? There wouldn't really be any way for you to know that anything had gone wrong so you might believe that you were seeing something else. I can't say I know a whole lot about exactly how the brain works but it makes sense to me that something could go wrong just like with any other body part, and that the functioning of a part of the brain could be impaired just like anything else.

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