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This Is Runningwithwolves I Have Been Hacked!

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This is Runningwithwolves I have been hacked this is not a joke Im speaking the absolute truth.

Im using another account of mine to get this message across.

I seriously don't know how i was hacked the password on the account I have never given to anyone, Only I know it and would never have given it to anyone.

I have tried to retrive my account by email address but they have changed the email address on it because that does not work.

I can prove im me and most people on here know what I look like on webcam I can webcam you on my skype: hydrogyte

Im not sure how i was hacked maybe this website was hacked in order to get my password or maybe I was keylogged by some kind of virus!

I don't know who has hacked my account or what there motive is or what they are doing on my account.

I found out when I could not get into my account a few days ago.

But someone keeps logging into it!

For everyones safety I have decided to make a board about it,

Do not meet this person in person

if they ask to meet, It is not me!

Do not give them your email address etc it is not me!

Do not give them my email address etc it is not me!

At this point I dont know why my account was hacked if it was to target me to find me in real life

or to target someone else or if it was to read all my private messages or if it was to steal my identity on here for some other purpose.

This person may be reading any private messages you have sent me, I am really sorry about

this and there is nothing I can do right now :sad: :sad:  :sad: 


I have taken a screen cap of my profile incase they change any of the information on it so everyone knows what my profile is supposed to look like and I have sent messages to the mods.










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