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Beautiful Monsters

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Present day North America:
New York to be exact.
It is your second year of university, so far everything is going smoothly. You've managed to royally tick off only one of your professors this year and the girl/guy of you dreams has smiled at you at least twice. The food on campus is still gross and the clicks are all the same. One very hot night in the middle of the first semester some pot head thought it would be a good idea to flick a cigaret into a pile of trash. Stupid kid.
As expected the garbage caught fire and within what seemed like only a few short minutes the school was up in flames. The fire burnt down most of the school, and what was left was damaged by the water from the fire trucks.
{what a drag!}
Instead of being sent home the students are being transferred to different schools, unfortunately there is not enough room in one school for all the students that want to continue learning so students are being divided up based on their major and sent to different colleges.
In the confusion a small group of students are sent to a very strange school in a place they have never heard of before. After their first day they learn that they have been accidentally sent to a monsters only college.
They try to get back to the human world but find out that the bus that brought them to this bazaar school only comes twice a semester.
Looks like they are going to have to stick it out until the next bus.
Some might choose to stay and finish the school year some may choose not to. Sadly, once you have been enrolled in Orion University you can't leave.
{which those who try to escape will learn shortly after getting on the bus and appearing back in their dorms in the blink of an eye.}
This should be fun!
Be nice!
Make friends!
Oh, and try not to get eaten!

~School Rules~
At Orion University all students must be in human form at all times.
Unless in special circumstances student are asked not to revel their monster identity.
Their is a strict no bullying policy.
All students must take part in a club or sport.
All students must be in their dorms by 11 o'clock.

~RP Rules~
Be nice to your fellow players.
No god mobbing.
Relationships, enemies, fighting, and friendships are encouraged.
When reserving your character in the OOC please also discreetly mention your favorite color so that I know you have read everything.
Have fun!

Full Name:
Sexual Orientation:
Distinct Markings:
Monster & Human forms:
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    EC's Resident Hairstylist

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  • US State:Florida
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Full Name: Jessica Sterling
Nickname: Jess
Age: 19
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: bi-curious
Class: Sophomore
* Painting.
* Horses.
* Dogs.
* Singing.
* Watching the sun set/rise.
* chemistry.
*People who can't stand up for themselves.
* Girly girls.
* Cats.
* The Dark.
* Bullies.
Distinct Markings: Jess has a very distinct scar under her lower lip, and a lot of little scars all over her back.
Monster & Human forms: N/A
Secrets: Before the fire Jess was secretly sleeping with her English professor, he still writes to her but Jess never writes back. She is a little afraid of him. A lot of the things she did Jess had never done before, he made her do a lot of things she is not very proud of.
Fears: Jess is afraid of people finding out about what her old professor made her do and labeling Jess as something she's not.
Personality: Jess is very shy and doesn't really speak out much. She would like to be able to stick up for herself but it's hard for her, that is what she hates about herself. She doesn't make friends very easly because she has a hard time trusting others.
History: Jess has no memory of anything past the age of 13 when she was pushed off of her bike by some kids and hit her head sending her into a three month coma. In that time her parents got into a bad car accident, killing her father instantly and paralyzing her mother from the chest down.
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Full Name: Ariella Sterling
Nickname: Ella
Age: 19
Species: Monster
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Class: Sophomore
*Cool weather.
*Stalking people.
*Playing the guitar.
*Physical labor.
*People that are to hyper.
Distinct Markings: A scar above her upper lip.
Monster & Human forms: doppelgänger
Secrets: Ella is a kleptomaniac, meaning she likes stealing things, it makes her feel better.
Fears: Being punished.
Personality: Ella comes off as mean at first but once someone takes the time to get to know her she is actually really nice.
History: Ella lived a very normal life, until she started college. She was invited to come to Orion University and when she finally got there the dean explained to her in person who she really was, a doppelgänger.
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Full Name: Kane Orsion
Nickname: K
Age: 20
Species: Monster.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Class: Junior.
Likes: *Fire.
*Sleeping, he Loves sleeping!
Dislikes: *Bright lights.
*Bad smells.
Distinct Markings: None.
Monster & Human forms: Lidérc
Secrets: None. K hates secrets.
Fears: Situations he doesn't know how to handle.
Personality: N/A
History: N/A
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Full Name: Robin Knight. 
Nickname: Robin. 
Age: 18. 
Species: Valravn. 
Sexual Orientation: Undecided. 
Class: Freshman. 
Likes: The sight/taste of blood, music, games, and heavy rain. 
Dislikes: Being outsmarted/corrected. 
Distinct Markings: A small scar under his right eye. 
Monster & Human forms: valravn_by_hi_agni-d6y315b.jpg

Fears: Being physically injured. 
Personality: Hyperactive and sadistic; he enjoys tormenting others, and always takes pleasure in torturing his prey. On the other hand, he can seem sweet and loveable when he wants to. 
History: To be revealed. 


Full Name: Rook Knight. 

Nickname: Rook. 
Age: 18. 
Species: Valravn. 
Sexual Orientation: Asexual. 
Class: Freshman. 
Likes: Reading, animals, and being alone. 
Dislikes: Excessive noise and 'stupidity'. 
Distinct Markings: A scar on his neck. 
Monster & Human forms: valravn__s_field_by_themutant-d4bptjr.jp

Fears: Anyone touching his neck. 
Personality: Quiet and reserved. He often sits alone reading, or listens to his brother's conversations without feeling the need to join in. Due to his usually cold expression, he looks unapproachable, but he can be kind and supportive. 
History: To be revealed. 


Secrets: (Robin and Rook.) The twins only ever got into one fight, in which Rook attacked Robin, causing the scar under his eye, because he destroyed his favourite book. In retaliation, Robin almost choked his brother to death. When asked about their scars, they tell people they were caused during a fight with a werewolf. 


Full Name: Jay Dawson. 

Nickname: Jay. 
Age: 19. 
Species: Human. 
Sexual Orientation: Undecided. 
Class: Sophomore. 
Likes: Sweets, arguing, and puzzles. 

Dislikes: Obnoxious people, and being told what to do. 
Distinct Markings: Freckles. 
Appearance: tumblr_nt6ovbKiqA1si3uvio3_1280.jpg
Secrets: He can cook extremely well, but refuses to let anyone know. 
Fears: Anything supernatural. 
Personality: Hot headed, stubborn and talks a lot before thinking. Easily embarrassed/flustered. But surprisingly down to Earth at times. 
History: To be revealed. 


Full Name: Harley Solomon. 
Nickname: Sol. 
Age: 20. 
Species: Djinn. 
Sexual Orientation: Undecided. 
Class: Senior. 
Likes: Killing humans. 
Dislikes: Humans. 
Distinct Markings: A long birthmark down her right arm. 
Monster & Human forms: djinn_girl_by_manin-d4yxkod.jpg


Secrets: She has killed over 1000 humans. Much more than necessary to feed from. 
Fears: Objects made from silver. 
Personality: Happy-go-lucky, optimistic, happiest in her Djinn form. Although always openly friendly, she dislikes humans, and hates the rule of having to remain in human form. 
History: To be revealed. 

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