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Dark emo poetry.. you like?

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Okies people a girl i talk to told me about this place.. and she said i could post my poems as i do on Quizilla o.O For all ya'll that are on Quizilla i'm GothikaSuicidalAngel... NEWAY here's a few of my poetry and if u guys like i can postie more ^___^

Title: Death by Degrees

Silence reflecting off the lonely lake,
Innocent soul drowned by what is not,
Pure heart chipping away at its break,

Love struck boy falling into the trap,
Of hate-fueled jealousy,
The demonic princesses wrath,

Agony drenched darkness blinding as light,
Curious eyes blurring,
Whatâ??s to be wrong is right,

Melody of sadness slowly churning,
Ears bleed at its vile rhythm,
Both Heaven and Hell lay burning,

Revenge sought for bitter satisfaction,
Its touch like frozen needles,
Sewing up the ending reaction,

Pain drugging so you are high,
Memory being erased away,
What wonâ??t you try?

Death draining feeble life from your veins,
Clock ticking to your demise,
Blood flowing as it rains.

Title: Hidden Love

None of us wish to wake,
We wish to die as our fate,
Lie cold on our dark grave,
For life was harder than death to brave,
Cold mirrors reflecting our pain,
Images of our suffering; all same,
Blood drenching our skin,
So much pain locked up within,
Try to cry; visions of black,
Holding on to a time way back,
Memories of loved ones fade away,
Piercing silence echoing our pray,
The loneliess weighing down on your chest,
Frightened eyes fortell the rest,
Crimson scars and lethal doses,
Upon us death it forces,
Regretting nothing, you're ready to die,
But at the last moment you question why,
A misunderstanding, life had another route,
You hadn't a clue what life was about,
Now you realize they were right,
When they told to bare with it and fight,
All you could say was, "They don't understand"
Hating on them for all they did was reprimand,
Now you hurt, for all is lost,
You wanted out at any cost,
Now your dream is becoming dark,
And your journey to hell will embark,
Blood stricken tears fall from your face,
For Heaven and happiness will never be your place,
Leaving this Earth, you feel a touch,
Something small; not that much,
You wonder curiously as what it could be,
Another soul departing is what you see,
Cuts and scars and a bloody scent,
A soul rupchered and fatally bent,
Looking at you, with wonderous eyes,
Seeing through your thick illusion of lies,
Though wounded and hurt, her smile so sweet,
Her hand stretching out as you meet,
Their fates were the same; black flames of hell,
And on their bodies the scars could tell,
Yet they were happy, in dark flaming fire,
Neither death, pain or bloody desire,
In the dark, like candles they glew,
A white fired ember that no one knew,
Their bloody past was soon forgotten,
Although the punishment of hell was rotten,
They endured it happily, and with no pain,
A piece of heaven in hells the same...

Title: Crimson Snow

Hush now darling, hurry to sleep,
Thereâ??s someone youâ??ve been wanting to meet,
Drift off now, to your crimson dreams,
Hug your little teddy, torn at its seams,

Wake wake now, Its finally begun,
Trapped in your dreams, thereâ??s nowhere to run,
Crimson snow falling gentley overhead,
We all know that soon youâ??ll be dead,

Wander endlessly, thereâ??s nowhere to go,
From the gray sky falls crimson snow,
Here thereâ??s no such thing as a garden of roses,
Grab your gun and make suicidal poses,

Everything you touch turns to ash,
Snow building up on the eye of your lash,
Tormented by nightmares, haunted by life,
You know the only way out is the knife,

Trembling and cold, you try to awake,
To go back and live a life so fake,
A deceiving smile, secrets you keep,
The wounds in your heart are just too deep,

Please donâ??t struggle, Please donâ??t fight,
I promise you my dear itâ??ll be alright,
There we go, make bigger gashes,
Snow falling on all of your lashes,

Bleed crimson like the tainted snow,
Heaven isnâ??t where good girls go,
Itâ??s all a lie, none of itâ??s true,
Life was a lie but you already knew,

Now that youâ??re dying you feel love,
Your bed drenched in crimson blood,
Hold on to teddy, hold him tight,
I told you everything would be alright,

Your dreams start fading as the blood flows,
When your life is hell this is how the end goes,
But still you smile, Can you tell me why?
When now you should be saying your final goodbye,

Ohh itâ??s too late, your heart has stopped,
And from your hand the knife has dropped,
Now teddyâ??s alone, poor little bear,
He was the only one that truly did careâ?¦

Title: Love's Requiem

Bleeding, crying, screaming,
Clawing your way up the wall,
With nothing more than bloody hands,
Anytime youâ??re doomed to fall,

Wide, frightened eyes,
Quickened breath and blood drenched skin,
Cowering in the corner,
Loveâ??s requiem within,

Tears of distress,
Falling down your cheeks,
Pain, suffering, and sadness,
That youâ??ve bundled up for weeks,

Streaks of red,
Highlight your room,
Iron scented atmosphere,
Foreshadowing your doom,

Steady flow of blood,
Quivering at your fingertips,
Drawing out a self portrait,
Of the blood that drips,

Instead of slowing, your heart beats faster,
Losing control of your nerves,
Rusted razorblade missing its target,
Your arm is covered with accidental curves,

One last time, against the wall,
Tainted hair a crimson shade,
Ripped shirt, holey pants,
Inside depression is like a raid,

Fight it, Fight it; Pupils dilating,
Trembling and shivering become inevitable,
The reality all surges to you at once,
Your hair becomes just another thing to pull,

Going crazy? A feeling of lost sanity,
The silence you once befriended is now breaking you,
Sharper than the daggers that pierced your heart,
Severed, its pieces lay two,

Still clawing you try to understand,
How tonight ended up like this,
Blood shot eyes blurring,
In this nightmare you reminisce,

The sky turns jet-black,
The foreshadowing element takes its play,
Like a well written mystery,
You follow deaths way,

Piercing screams echo on the silent wind,
The howling reflection of the jet-black sky on the lake,
Itâ??s as if every living thing had vanished,
Or maybe in deaths realm you have awake,

Still trembling, you lay lifelessly,
Jet-black snow falling from paradise,
Snow falling on you as if a shield,
Until your immortal soul will again rise.

© to GothikasSuicidalAngel... NO STEALING PEOPLE! Thankies ^.~
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I likey them bunches ^-^
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It's luvverly.
I wrote one that goes:

Let's die together and watch the skies depart,
Break the clouds and mend our hearts,
As we fall from heights of buildings tall,
Hitting afterlife to break our fall.

There's another verse but it's utter bawls.
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Zomg i'm glad jou guys likied them =^-^= I can post more if you're interested o_O

It's luvverly.
I wrote one that goes:

Let's die together and watch the skies depart,
Break the clouds and mend our hearts,
As we fall from heights of buildings tall,
Hitting afterlife to break our fall.

There's another verse but it's utter bawls.

Wow i really like that verse very much. Can you please post the rest of it??? I'd really like to read it =D
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    Delicate Snowflake

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awesome job
check out my poetry
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I like your style of poetry... really nice =]
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    Delicate Snowflake

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heh thanx smile.gif
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    Tortured Rose

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you should have posted this on the poems tread.
please do so next time.


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