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Scars On My Broken Heart

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Suicidal cutter

Suicidal cutter

    Tortured Rose

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I'm listening to my parents yell.
Their screams pierce my ears
like needles to my skin.
Why must they always yell?
They can't tell that it hurts me
because I put on a happy face.

When I step out of my room,
They begin to yell at me.
Then I begin to yell, too.
That hurts me even more
because I happen to know
it hurts them when it hurts me.

Sometimes I hope my parents
will just stop yelling and begin
to see that arguing is not the answer,
but I don't think that will happen.
Just when I think they've stopped,
they begin the cycle again.

My brother does a lot wrong,
and that is mostly what
they argue about: What was he thinking?!?
The only reason they don't yell at me
is because it just so happens that
I am the good child.

If I'm the good child, then tell me:
Why do I cut myself and write these damn poems?!
They can tell me that I'm their perfect child,
but inside I know they think I'm a screw-up.
My dad doesn't like the way I look, or how I dress.
My mom doesn't like me cutting and writing these poems.

So what am I to do when the world hates me?
I've already lost all my friends
because of who I am.
I don't want to suffer anymore,
especially when I've lost a friend,
whom I loved, to suicide.

She used to be such a happy person,
but I could tell she was unhappy inside.
I didn't know what to do when she died.
I told her not to do it, but
she never wanted to listen to me,
her best friend!

Now I'm all alone with
my parents yelling constantly
at eachother and also at my brother.
I just can't believe she would do this to me.
She said she would get help,
but I guess her help was to die.

These are the last words of this poem.
Although I guess it isn't really a poem.
It's more like a story-poem-thingy.
Anyways, I now have another scar
to add to my broken heart
that no one can ever fix.

*Suicidal cutter*
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Suicidal cutter

Suicidal cutter

    Tortured Rose

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Please read my poems and comment...and possibly rate..Thank you! ^.^
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    me me me me me .....

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Damn! I really liked this one! You're good!
Oh....and there you go - a rating from me! smile.gif
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