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Emo Fashion and Emo Stil

Emo fashion is much different than any other type of style. Emo kids tend to come off as being outsiders. This carries through on their sense of style.

The basic fashion...

Emo guys usually have shaggy hair, that covers a majority of their forehead and eyes. Much like the girls, they like to dye their hair dark colors. Especially black. When it comes to their clothing, emo boys usually sport under sized clothing. A lot of them will wear girls pants. When it comes to their shirts, they like the vintage look. Much like the girls again, emo boys like to have facial piercings. Emo girls hair is shorter than what must girls have. They like to dye their hair black and cut their bangs uniquely. Jewelry is a big part of their fashion. Body piercings, and facial piercings are very common among girls. Girls and boys tend to purchase all their clothing at thrift store. However, many emo kids will make their own clothing or mod their own clothes to fit they look they are going after. Girls and boys that are emo share the same taste when it comes to fashion. Glassed which are horn rimmed are quite popular, along with bags cluttered with patches

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You can find all the quotes on this page. Some are not that good, but some are really good.

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