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Emo Hair Styles for Boys & Girls

Emo hair is as complicated as the term Emo itself. Emo hair is meant to be emotive like the Emo kid wearing it. The hair is expressive and asymmetrical.

It usually requires a great deal of hair products to hold it into place, and this is kind of metaphorical for the subculture. Emo hairstyles have jagged edges that go in many directions. It does not have to be long hair to be Emo. It can be black, dark brown, or any other deep rich shade. It can be blonde, but blonde that is very jagged and out of control like the emotions raging inside most Emo kids.

Highlights are often used to show conflicting emotions within the emotional hairstyle. Emo kids have hair with bangs that are either hanging in their faces and covering their eyes or brushed to one side. Because Emo hair styles require a great deal of hair care products like hair glue, some people think that Emo hair is unclean. That is a gross misconception. Emo kids are not dirty punks who pride themselves on not bathing. Emo kids like to be clean and smell good. They are not the gutter punks of the 1980ís and 1990ís.

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