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A buddy icon is a tiny picture coupled that you use for your AIM screen name. All your buddies can see the icon, and you can see theirs. The icon is place on the IM box in the upper left hand corner. Spiff up your aim name with an emo icon!

Even More Emo Buddy Icons

Yep, we have even more buddy icons. We alway enjoy putting up icons are viewer send us. So please send all the icons you wish. Buddy Icons are getting more and more popular so we hope you enjoy all of these.

Emo Buddy Icons - Page 2


Emo Buddy Icons Page 1

EMO Trivia

There are over 500 emo groups on myspace. Yes that's right 500 groups. And the number keeps increasing. Imagine how many emo profiles there are...
Emo Pics

Browse through emo hair pics to find a style that you like best.

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