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Emo bands have the most unique band names compared to other music genre. Yeah, that's right not only our their songs unique but their names are too!

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Emo Music

Emo music has really taken off lately. Some do not classify emo as a type of music more of a way of life. Is it music to you?

Emo Bands

Emo bands are coming up more and more each month. Bands such as AFI are really popular amoung emo kids. Panic at The Disco is also a band that has really gained popularity. With their songs showing up on almost every music video station and every radio station.

What emo band is your favorite?

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Viewers Voice

Recently one of your viewers wrote to us and said...

yeah, fob, mcr p!atd and all the stuff has pretty NOTHING to do with emo. the guy who says indian summer, the rites of spring, dag nasty, fugazi were emo is completely right. but its not dead yet. emo and screamo, theres no big difference. the guy forgets to mention bands like circle takes the square, funeral diner, i would set myself on fire for you or comadre. havin' an awful hair style and looking like a dork has nothing to do with emo too and being suicidal and depressed has nothing to do with emo aswell, its the music which matters. the most of the modern "emokids" are what is in their name: "kids". they dont event know what it means to be suicidal. maybe they think its cool too say. but its NOT a cool feeling to be depressive, it sucks! if you are that, you dont even care to behaver like an "emokid" anymore.and excuse my bad english, just wrote it by feeling lucky ;)

Emo Quotes

You can find all the quotes on this page. Some are not that good, but some are really good.

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