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If I had you for just one day.
I like the rain,
Have you ever felt it on your skin?
I'd rather to have you with me.
I miss your company.
I want you to warm me up.
It was very cold today.
I want you to make sure I don't get sick.
I was out in the rain, in the ankle deep mud and water.
I thought I was sinking.
It wouldn't have mattered.
I splashed,
I laughed.
It was fun, until I remembered that we'd never share it.
I think about all the times I've missed.
Things noone can make up for.
Like Ghandi said, "An eye for an eye only leaves the whole world blind."
I'd've loved to have said that, and seen you smile.
I wish you could tell me I am fine as I am.
I want to confess my love for her to you.
I hear, you were a nonconformist too.
Makes me proud to be your daughter.
I wonder if that can occur in genes.
I think, she'd laugh when I give her hugs, I'm so much taller.
You'd be great inspiration for photos.
I'd have a million cameras.
Just so I'd never forget.
If it was just one day;
I'd never go to sleep.
And if I ever did,
I'd wake up the next morning and burst into tears.
I can't remember much.
I can see, they don't understand.
I've got plenty of reason to be depressed,
I come here as I am.
I rarely brag,
But hey,
Let's depress the world.
This poem's for you mommy,
I never held your hand,
I can't remember your voice,
Because of that wicked awful man.
Why did he steal you, in such short time?
I was too young to see you,
You were too young to die.
I promise I'll keep you,
Locked up in my heart.
My soul has been breaking,
I'm falling apart.
I'm so sad lately,
I wish I'd said maybe.
I know, you'd be disappointed,
But I have faith that youd forgive,
I am an awful child,
All the bad things I did,
And poetry is my life,
Call me Emo, as I am,
But the inspirations weeping,
I'm crying from within,
I know you cannot see me,
They say you're watching from above,
But if you were an angel,
God can send his love.
I've spent these years in torture,
I pray it's not in vain,
So yes, my dearest mother,
I continue to inflict pain.
Depressing as it is to say,
I still wish you'd never left that day.
I can hear you screaming in my mind.
You hit the floor and leave me behind.
I'm so confused and desperate,
My friends don't understand,
I'm terrified of flames,
And yet, I want to burn my hand.
I know they'll say it's stupid,
But they don't get it either.
It's packed with these emotions,
That they have never felt,
This depression,
And this anger,
It's like being hit,
This sadness,
This confusion,
It's all coming out at once.
Should I put it back in,
Or let it all out?

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