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Just Me

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I've alot of poems.. but for your own sake i'm just goin 2 post few..

"Just Me"

I can't believe my life is so short
And filled with pain and hate and loss.
My arms and legs bleed everyday,
I do it all for my own sake.
I can't believe I do those things
Just to let go of what I fear,
And taste the tears and see the blood.
This is the life I have to love.

"Not so Perfect"

Will this guilt I feel never stop?
I don't understand how much I've got.
All my possessions cover a lie;
Since I was born I wanted to die.
My hands bare marks of my own hate,
My legs bare marks of fear and pain.
My parents think that I'm so perfect
But the don't know I'm only faking.
I lie, pretend and kill myself,
This is the surface of thing I hate.
My heart is filled with pain so strong
I cut myself to make it stop.
It burns my insides, it burns my mouth.
I can't tell my feelings so I write them down.


The way I am is not so special
To make a fuss about my past.
My future is much more exciting,
With all the deeds I have to pass.
The scars that mark me are history,
What's real is wounds that mark my hands.
Dried tears and blood are dead to me,
The pain I feel is always here.
No wonder people think about me
Like a person from long ago;
Things that happened shaped my mind
And things to come shape my doom.

"Bloody Ruins"

The blood that runs within my veins,
The fear that fills my dying heart,
The spark that light deep in my eyes,
The pain I give to you is mine.
A falling tear, an open wound,
The emptiness of being lone.
An empty box, unfinished book,
The fear of never going home.
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