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Kelly And Beth's Guide To Sex.

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Thanks guys, now i know!
(and knowing is half the battle)
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Transgender is a gender identity, when a person's self identity doesn't match up with their assigned [physical] sex. It overlaps with multiple terms. Transgender people can be any sexual orientation.


Also known as Cross Dressing, Transvestitism is the practice of wearing the opposite sex's clothing. Cross Dressers may not want to change gender, or medically change their bodies.

Drag Kings and Queens

The term Drag applies to wearing the opposite sex's clothing/ adopting their mannerisms mainly for entertainment purpose. The term Drag Queen applies to males performing female drag, and the term Drag King is vice versa. Faux Queens are women doing female drag.


Genderqueer is when an individual may identify as male and female, neither gender or a third gender. This is sometimes likened to Androgyny, although the terms have differences and are not equivalent of one another. Some genderqueer people regard their gender as being fluid, varying from time to time. They may wish to go by their assigned sex's pronouns, the opposite sex's pronouns or gender neutral pronouns.


An Androgyne is a person who does not fit entirely into the gender roles of society. They may identify as being between genders, of fluid gender, neither gender or beyond gender. Androgyny can be either physical or psychological.


Transsexual people indentify as [and may wish to live as] the opposite sex. Many trans people go under transitioning surgery, so they may be their true sex. After transition, they may not identify as transsexual or transgender any longer- simply as man or woman.

The term Transman applies to female to male [FtM] transsexuals, and Transwoman applies to male to female [MtF].

Transitioning is sometimes known as Sex reassignment therapy. This may include hormone replacement therapy, which causes some of the characteristics of the desired sex- it cannot reverse some of the existing characteristics such as breasts on women and facial hair on men, but this may cause fat and muscle distribution changes, breast growth in transwomen and facial hair growth on transmen.

Mastectomies may be performed on transmen [binding the chest can be risky], and breast augmentation for transwomen.
Sex reassignment surgery is the surgery performed to allign a transsexual's physical gender with their gender identity. This normally includes reassignment of the genitals. Not all transsexuals go under this surgery, although still live in their preferred gender role.

If anyone here is Transgender, there are some support sites here:


Surprised that the info is this accurate, it's not spot on though...

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