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Guidelines & Rules

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These rules are a re-write of Erin’s rules thread. Clearly all credit goes to her. I just wanted to freshen things up – both for myself and for you. I hope Erin doesn’t mind me doing this.

Guidelines & Rules

1 a) No plagiarism. If you post a poem, song, drawing, painting, photograph or other work of art that belongs to someone else, state very clearly whose work it is and that it is not yours. Pretending you wrote or drew something that isn’t yours will result in you being warned at the very least and likely you being banned.

1b) If you want to post a poem, drawing or painting by someone else, you are free to do so. Check the Pinned topics to see if it fits in there, e.g. you can post a poem in the ‘A Congeries Of Poets’ topic. If no thread fits what you want to post, you can make a new one, but remember to clearly indicate that what you posted is not yours and give credit to the creator of the piece.

1c) If you see someone plagiarising a poem or drawing, send a moderator a Private Message with a link to the thread in question and with proof of plagiarism.

2) Do not post your own poems or drawings in someone else’s thread. This is not allowed under any circumstances, unless the creator of the thread has explicitly stated that you can do so, e.g. poetry duels or ‘continue the story’.

3) No text-speak, 1337-speak or other idiotic abbreviated words. If you’re going to write a poem or a song, the very least you can do is use correct language. Perfect grammar is not necessary, but correct spelling is a minimum. If you don’t even have the decency to write words like they’re supposed to be written, you’re a shitty writer with no respect for yourself or your works. It’s not hard to proof-read a poem or to go to www.dictionary.com to make sure you have spelled a word correctly. If you write in anything but acceptable English, your thread will be locked or deleted.

4a) If you hate a poem and you can’t contain the bile that rises up deep inside of you and you feel a physiological urge to spew it into the face of the person who wrote the poem, don’t insult the writer and don’t tear into the poem without any reasons or constructive criticism. Saying you hate it is fine, but if you do that, you also have the responsibility to give some pointers.

4b) Not everyone will like your poem or drawing. Don’t whine about it. If someone is hurling the most vicious, ungrounded insults at you, then you can contact a moderator about it. Learn to take criticism, especially if it’s constructive criticism.

5) It’s great if people say ‘Wow, I love this!’ about something you posted, but it does not help you grow and evolve as an artist. If you like something, by all means, say it, but also try to say what specific things you loved most and what you think can still be improved. Nobody is perfect and we all want to get better. We need honest feedback for that.

6) If you’re going to post a particularly violent poem or gory drawing, say so in the description or title, e.g. add ‘(Graphic!)’ or ‘(NSFW)’. NSFW stands for ‘Not Safe For Work’. On the other hand, don’t use this disclaimer if you’re going to post the billionth story about something as pedestrian cutting yourself. I know it’s tempting to say ‘This is really disturbing!’ because it will attract more attention, but please... don’t.

7) Don’t denigrate yourself. A title like ‘I know this sucks...’ or something similarly demeaning is embarrassing to read. Besides, why would people want to read something of which the creator themselves say that it sucks? Have some confidence.

8) If you wish to post more than one of a certain medium, for example 2 poems, bare in mind that you are only allowed one on the front page. If there are two poetry threads from the same user on the front page, they will be merged.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a moderator. 

Edited by Jessticles, 12 April 2012 - 04:00 AM.

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