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Rules And Guides

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1] Standard EC rules apply.

2] Please do not be horrible to anyone or flame them.
If they have made a repeated thread, then inform them in a comment and then tell me and I will lock the topic. .

3] Please use proper English and grammar.

4] Please do not post spam or try to get people to join other sites. We're here on this site for a reason. Spam consists of things unrelated to the topic at hand.

5] Please do not double post, there is the edit button.

6] Do NOT post pictures in underwear or swim ware, or less clothing, no matter your age.

7] If you post a topic asking for hair or piercing advice, or advice that really requires a picture; to get good [if any] feedback.
Then please actually post a picture.
Any topics that don't have a picture added after 24 hours [from when asked by a moderator], will be locked.
But please keep in mind rule number 6.

***Please note; if you are new, then your post will have to be approved before it will show. So if your post doesn't show up do not get paranoid and start posting loads of times.

What the Emo Hair and Fashion forum is for:
  • Questions with regard to clothing
  • Questions about hairstyles or hair products
  • If you need help with your hair or your clothing, this section is the right one.
  • Questions about piercings
  • Advice on hairstyles/piercings etc that you aren't sure if will suit you or not.
  • Where to find things you've seen that you like.

What the emo hair and fashion forum is NOT for:
  • Asking what people think of you/whether you are hot. That is what the hot or not forum is for.
  • Jacking peoples threads by posting your pictures or problems in them.
  • Anything that definately belongs in another section- if you need help thats not to do with fashion, help and advice. Music? Music section. Site questions? FAQ's/Newbies. Not here.


Self Piercing.

What to do if your parents say no.

Want your own Emo hair.

Dying your hair.

*** If you have a guide you would like to be included then please PM me, with the link, or if you havn't made a topic, with the content you'd want to include.
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    Wake me up when the world is sane.

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Orginal topic: http://www.emo-corne...showtopic=36688
All credit goes to the creator in that topic ^

When on the topic of self piercing, and knowing this might seem a bit hypocritical considering my avatar is me with a pin in my lip, there is only one message I can really give to you.


It is really not a good idea.
Ok on with the proper information.

1) Why do you want to pierce yourself?

-Did your parents say no to you getting that piercing?
-Are you being pressured by someone to get a certain piercing to 'fit in'?
-Do you think it'll just be a good laugh?
-Is it for some form of self injury?
-Just to piss your parents off?

If its any of these or reasons similar, don't do it.

So, why would people pierce themselves? why not get it done at a place where they can do it properly?
Humans as a whole aren't very clever, however someone may not be able to afford getting pierced at a professional place and may think its a perfectly fine idea to do it themselves with a lighter and a safety pin. Let me tell you something kids.
its not.

However if you are hell bent on doing it anyway, read on.

2) Things to consider

Where are you planning on piercing?

Earlobe? You might be ok. Ear cartilage? Not a good idea. Nose? Even less of a good idea. Lip? Worse idea. Eyebrow? Don't even go there. Nipple? Are you insane? Anything below the waist? Sterilize yourself now to prevent the stupidity from spreading.

Ok lets get things straight.

1) Earlobe.
Not much doubt about it, ear piercing is one of the most common piercings in western society. Its not uncommon to see little girls with earrings, and its almost rare to find someone, especially girls, who doesn't have their ears pierced. These are usually in the form of studs or rings on the earlobe. If you're going to pierce these, its still not a good idea at all (I know from experience that infected piercings mean a very bad two weeks for you. I think I got off lucky.) but its a better idea than some of these other ones.

2) Ear cartilage
This bit is the tougher bit that makes up the majority of your ear. Its thicker, harder and more painful to pierce, although its not entirely uncommon to see. I strongly advise against piercing this part of your ear yourself; its got more blood vessels and is more prone to infection. Plus it hurts. A lot.

3) Nose.

This bit is like the ear cartilage, but at least if you fuck up your ear cartilage you can fix your hair so it wont show. If you muck your nose up however, its right in the middle of your face where everyone can see, and look at you like ewww you have a pus oozing hole in your face. Bad idea. Don't do it.

4) Lip.

Shout at me for being a hypocrite here but piercing your own lip is a very, very stupid idea (mine was only a surface piercing through the flesh of my lip, not actually under the lip where piercings go) . There are a lot of nerves underneath your lip that you could hit and bloody hell that will hurt. More horror stories later.

5) Eyebrow.

There is actually a nerve in your eyebrow that even professional piercers hit rarely, that might actually cause your eyebrow to sag. And no, it wont come back up again. If that's not an incentive to not do it, I don't know what is.

6) Nipple

You're out of your mind if you try this.

7) Anything below the waist.

If you're even considering this, you're an idiot. Really. There's enough possible infections you can get from just, I don't know your hand or other people but now you want to shove a bit of metal in there as well?

Ok now we have the majority of common piercings out of the way (uncommon ones shouldn't be attempted either), here is a bit of realism for you.


This guy did: http://www.foxnews.c...,354696,00.html

Rundown; a teenage boy tried to pierce his own lip with an unsterilised needle. He got an MRSA infection that could have killed him, he's had 6 blood transfusions, multiple surgeries and will have to deal with chronic consequences of what he did for possibly, the rest of his life.

If you really have to do this anyway, at least do the following.

- Get a proper needle. Not just a safety pin, a sewing needle or a dressmakers pin. You need a proper, sterilised body piercing needle with the right gauge. Do your research.
- Disinfect everything. wear medical grade gloves and clean all areas your piercing equipment will be touching with a strong cleaning agent. Wiping everything down with a baby wipe is not enough.
- Have someone on standby in case everything goes wrong.
- Research. Everything. The gauge of needle you will need to use, how to care for the piercing afterwards, the type of jewellery you'll need, healing times, very importantly the anatomy of where you are trying to pierce; you don't want to hit any veins or nerves that could lead to serious bleeding or fuck part of your body up completely. Ask a professional piercer, but don't be surprised if and when they tell you its a stupid idea and you shouldn't do it.

An autoclave is the only effective way of sterilising a needle. Chances are, you don't have an autoclave; either buy a sterilised needle or face the consequences.
Using disinfectant liquids is better than just using an unsterilised, unclean needle but it doesn't have even close to the standard professional piercers use.
FIRE DOES NOT STERILISE. Shoving something through your body when its covered in soot is a stupid thing to do. Fire will contaminate the needle.
Boiling the needle in salt water won't do much either, although its better than nothing.

I still stand by that piercing yourself is a stupid thing to do and you shouldn't even try.

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Orginal topic: http://www.emo-corne...pic=34982<br />^ All credit goes to the OP of that thread ^


so you see a haircut you like and decide you want it. You show it to your parents, and they refuse. Heres where you could go from here:

- Whine
- Scream
- Shout
- Use any of the following in the same sentence 'You don't understand me!'
- cry
-storm off in a huff
- throw a tantrum.

They won't help you get your haircut. They'll only give them another reason not to let you.

- politely ask why you can't have this haircut. If theres a good reason like, school wont like it, work wont like it, you should probably leave it.
- make a deal; you get better grades/keep your room tidy/whatever, they let you get your haircut.
- Be a good little boy/girl. Help around the house, walk the dog, make tea or whatever you think will get your brownie points with your parents up. In the end they may or may not let you have the haircut you want, in which case you will just have to wait it out.

Don't go do it anyway.
Believe me, they will be pissed.


Firstly , think about it. Hard. For a couple of months. Do you really want to shove a needle through your body and make a permanent mark? Piercings can be taken out but most of them leave at least a small scar.

Things to consider:

If you are 12, 13 or younger, get out now. You legally cannot be pierced or tattooed without your parents consent, [although they wont tattoo you anyway whether your mum says yes or no.] plus chances are at this stage its just a fad that will pass. If you're 14 or 15, This is a little better but most studios will not pierce you without your parents consent. If you're 16, with the exception of genital and nipple piercings you can have piercing done (at least in the UK, i think for the US its 18. someone correct me please if I'm wrong) without your parents consent.

Where you want the piercing:
This is one of the most important things in the whole piercing escapade. Where you're going to get pierced may affect everything elses. If you want a lip ring, will you need a retainer for school or work? Things like ear piercing and bellybutton piercing are easier to hide, so work and/or school may not mind too much.

Why you want the piercing:
Ok, Important. Why do you want to shove a ring through your face/body? Are all your friends doing it? Is it the latest trend? To impress someone? If its any of these, you should definately not get a piercing. I mean come on, if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump too just to fit in? If you've decided this for yourself with no pressure, think about it a bit more before you go for it.


- Do not EVER use a fake ID to pretend to be old enough to be pierced. It is definately not unheard of for piercing studios to be shut down because one stupid kid with a fake ID got pierced, their parents found out and told the authorities they were piercing underage kids, even though it wasn't their fault they used a fake ID. Do you want to shut down a business and put someone out of a job?
- any of the things in the haircut section ie scream, whine, tantrums.

Same as in the haircuts section above this bit.

If you want it that much, you can wait for it. when you're living by yourself, you can do whatever you want.

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Original topic: http://www.emo-corne...pic=47349<br />^ All credit goes to the creator of that topic.


Ever wanted your own Emo/Scene hairstyle?
Here are some tips on how to style your own creation.
Below will be some brief explanations on how to get the Emo look, this will be based for both genders.
It is will also include information for all hair lengths, extensions and colours.


Short Hair (girls)

Get some layers into your hair, girls if you have curly hair you might want to get it straightened.

If you don't like your natural look, you can dye your hair (make sure you ask for permission, hair dye can damage your hair permanently). Dye your hair a jet black or bleach blonde. If you're out there and want something more striking, try using colours such as Electric Blue, Bright red or Fluoro Green. (It doesn't have to be those colours, dark colours work well as well, like royal purple).

This next tip is optional; if you are looking to be creative you can get highlights in your hair. A good place to get highlights is in your fringe or bangs. If you are not happy with permanent dye, you can always buy synthetic highlights. These are available at most Hair Product selling stores, they are cheap and cost about $10 per highlight. There is also a large variety on vibrants and wacky colours to choose from (I know because I have some). I'll talk about extensions later on in this thread.

Remember if you want you can mess up the back of your hair a little. You can do this by applying serums or hairsprays to teased hair, when teasing your hair remember to tease just under the layer so the knots are hidden.

To get rid of serums and knots later on, rinse your hair in the shower and condition it. Repeat this until all the serums and knots are out.

If you have short hair and prefer to have a longer hairstyle, go for extensions. Remember, extensions are a bit expensive and is 100% real hair, this allows you to dye and straighten it at will. I will continue about extensions separately later on in this thread.

Mid-length hair (girls)

Yet again get your hair layered, this time razor it. Add highlights to your bangs and fringe if you want, since you have longer hair you can get a better look.

Yet again you may dye it whatever colour you wish and that it suits you.

Use hairspray and stay away from hair gel. Serums are okay, but use to moderation. If you want to accessorise your hair used ribbons or clips.

At the back remember to tease your hair, only tease just under the layers so the knots stay hidden.

Keep in mind that you'll be straightening your hair. Use a hair protecting spray (one that suits you) when straightening, the heat from the straightener will damage your hair.

Use conditioner every time that you wash your hair (I do but I use shampoo, conditioner usually makes mine greasy again mellow.gif ).

You may use extensions if you want, with synthetic highlights you won't have to cut it as short and it will look better with mid length hair.

Long Hair (girls)

Having long hair is easier, but remember, trim your own split ends at least every six weeks. This will help to maintain a healthy look.

Yet again if you are new to this go to your local salon and get your hair layered and razor cut. To get the actual style you want take a few GOOD photo's to give the hairdresser a better idea .

Comb it everyday to help keep out knots and keep it straight.

You may add in permanent highlights if you wish or extensions. Dye it whatever colour you wish too.

Tease the back and remember to tease just under your layer to hide the knots.

(I admit I am no expert with long hair so someone please add on)


I'm just going to be very brief and short, add anything extra if you like. I've already explained some in the girls section. As for the extra information that is completely seperate.

Short Hair (guys)

Dye your hair whatever colour you wish, classic emo black or something whacky out there. Boys obviously don't get layered hair, so just razor and straighten whatever goes.

With short hair you can grow out your fringe, if so put highlights in it, right colours look awesome. You can also grow out the back a little to poof it up later on. (Tease).

If you want some help on deciding, look up images to help inspire your hairstyle. Looking up images also gives you a basic idea of what you're aiming for.

Mid length hair (guys)

Again dye your hair to the colour you desire, add highlights if you want. Avoid using hair gel, it doesn't look good in this kind of hair since it's longer.

Razor it to whatever length you want.

If your the feminine type you may accessorise your hair if you want. Guys hair is very easy unless you want the whol Scene King look (porcipine spikes, highlights everywhere etc)

Also keep in good health (condition etc).

Long hair (guys)

Do not dye your hair with over the top colours, unless you love to be creative do so, but don't it's not advised by some of the stuff I've read ohmy.gif .

Same with the girls, regularly wash it with shampoo to keep it silky and clean. To help keep your hair in shape, boys when you are in the shower comb conditions through your hair.

Agian like the girls, keep an eye on your split ends. cut it regularly to keep in good shape and look. Even though earlier I said boys don't get layered hair, an alternative option is to get it thinned out. If straightening remember to use protective serums to avoid damage to the hair cells.

Simple Wiki How ( I couldn't be bothered doing this)

1.Spray your hair with a heat protecting spray to keep your hair from being damaged by a flat iron.
2.Plug in your flat iron for 5 minutes to let it heat up. While it is heating, you can apply your make-up or brush out your hair.
3.Clip all of your layers into a large clip, leaving the bottom section of your hair down.
4.Straighten all of the hair, and then let each section of layers down one at a time until you have straightened your whole head.
5.Once all of your hair is straightened, comb your bangs over to one side and straighten them into place.
6.Take the hair on each side of the crown and back-comb (tease) it.
7.Repeat for all of your top layers and spray into place.8If your bangs are not staying in place, hold them there with a bobby pin or cute clip.
9.Hair-spray your whole head, but not too excessively or else your hair will look greasy.


This may vary in prices depending on quality. 100% real hair extensions usually vary between $200 - $500, depending on brand and quality. Some can be priced at $1000 but that is no need if you are using extensions just for length. You can buy synthetic highlights for about $10 each, there are all kinds of colour from teal (light/fluoro blue) to blood red available in synthetics.

If you are going for the real ones you can get various types, with hair extensions there are clip ins, roped and tape. Clips in are the easiest to put in and take out, but each person is different. If you want to dye your hair extensions, purchase white or a light blonde, take it to your local salon and ask them to dye it for you. This might cost about $60 to do, they will usually dye it to the colour of your natural hair colour.

Style your extensions
Some teenagers like to be creative and style their own extensions. You can create spots , squares and stripes, the most common styling of extensions is coon tail. Coon tailing synthetic highlights is easier because the striking colours are already done for you. All you do is put tape or rope around the area's that you don't want dyed. Get your other dye that you wish to add to your extensions and dye your highlights with the tape on. Let the extensions dry and you have your coon tailed extensions. With synthetics you can even colour in the areas with a black Nikko pen.

Looking after your extensions
I don't know how to look after real extensions but I know how to look after synthetic, I'm sure it isn't that hard, you can always Google it. Think about it, it's real hair so it can be washed and combed. This is different with synthetics, synthetics can't be combed or washed, and doing any of those actions are a bad idea.

Synthetics can be easily knotted with careless misplacement (e.g. putting it scrunched up in your pocket). Once it's knotted it will take great care and time to get it out. Be gentle, since you can't wash it, being too rough will just push the knot down and wreck your extensions. With mine I usually put it back in its packaging to keep it protected and straight when not being used.
You can always cut the extensions to your own length if it's a highlight.

Putting Extensions in

Clip ins
With clip ins it's really simple, all you need is.

1.Your extensions (make sure the clip is open)']
2.A comb (A fine comb for parting is more um effective)
3.Your head and hair (obviously)
4.Clips (to hold hair in place)
Put your extensions (open) to the side, make sure they are handy when you are about to put them in. Get your comb and part a little bit of hair in the are you wish to place your extension (not too much otherwise you won't be able to see it). Get a clip and secure the parted hair (top part) , get your extension and place it where you want it. Move it down a little bit so it grips the hair, press down on the clip to lock it.
Remove the clip holding the remaining hair and use it to cover the extension clip. All done! Repeat with remaining extensions. You can also put in extensions in one area, instead of using hair to cover it you can use an accessory such as a ribbon. This allows you to put in your highlights and make them stand out instead of it being blended in. Use the accessory to cover all the clips.

adding what pictures I can now

A scene girl with layered and razor cut hair. She has dyed her hair Electric Blue. I think she is wearing extensions.

Scene girl with light green highlights (extensions). Long hair.

Scene boy with a grown out fringe and short hair. I think his hair has been layered and razored. There is a slight highligh in the tip of his fringe

A scene boy with mid length hair and blonde highlights. His fringe is growing out. I don't think his hair has been layered.[/quote]

A blonde scene girl. She has various extensions in her hair. As you can see she has a blonde and pink coon tail extension.

Another Blonde scene with mid length hair. As you can see she has added purple highlights to her fringe and bangs.

This next person is Kaiden Blake, he is a musician/fashion desginer. Also a internet myspace networker. As you can see he has dyed dark blue hair. In this photo I think his black is coming back in his bangs and fringe. I think it's pretty awesome.

Here are two videos about how to do emo hair:

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Hair Dying

Okay so I've seen a lot of people on here ask about hair dying or what colour you should dye you hair. I just want to contribute some tips because I've done some dying myself and I know a little. This guide will be for striking colours that are not natural, as well as highlights.
Dying your hair to abnormal colours (blue,red,pink etc etc)

You can usually buy the hair colour you want from hair stores like price attack, hair house warehouse, even Woolworths or something. They usually have all the colours for you to pick from and at a good price.

Dying dark hair to different colours
(even if you have blondy brown colour or ratty blonde I also suggest you do this for the best result)

Okay a lot of people have dark hair and want to dye it to a colour like blood red or blue (just as an example). It will be harder for you because you have to bleach your hair before dying it the colour you want. Bleaching is a very dangerous process and can damage your hair; it will damage your hair more if your hair is unhealthy. You can check if you hair is unhealthy by testing it. Try seeing if it floats on water, whether your hair dries really quickly and it if feels a bit spongy. If you hair is damaged, wash it every two days for 1 week (2 if you want to be extra careful) and try not to use any hot irons (hair straighteners) blow dryers etc. We want your hair to be in the best condition before bleaching. Once you are ready make sure you have

1. Old clothes you don't mind wrecking
2. Bleach hair dye
3. Special shampoo that neutralizes the bleach effect
4. The colour hair dye you want
5. A shower cap
6. Towel

This guide will be for home dying, if you're not sure you can usually see you're local hair dresser for advice. They can even bleach your hair for you if you want.


As before make sure your hair is as healthy as possible to ensure minimal damage will be caused. Prepare the bleach dye and wear an old shirt/towel that you don't mind wrecking. Get someone to help apply the dye. Start off by only painting the hair about 2-3 cm from the roots, once you've down your whole had just put a little amount on the actual roots. Massage it into the head, not too hard otherwise the chemicals will damage the scalp. If you're a girl tie your hair up before putting a shower cap on. Set a timer to 45-1 hour, DO NOT LEAVE IT IN ANY LONGER THAN AN HOUR. If you do it will really damage your hair.

Once the time is up wash your hair thoroughly with the bleach neutralizing shampoo (you can google it or ask a hairdresser what it is).
Dry it with a towel, if it's still not the tone you want (lightness wise) bleach it again. Sometimes after bleaching there will be yellow tinges in your hair. You can get rid of this by using this purple hair product, I don't know what it's called but just google it under bleaching hair. Some sites will tell you. There you have bleached your hair! But be warned, if you're going to keep your hair bleach blonde you'll have to be willing to spend a time in looking after it. Sites will tell you how to do this and what you will need, you just need to google it.

Colouring after bleaching

After you have bleached your hair time to colour!

Note about Blue

Be careful when dying the bleach blonde to blue, if you're not careful the blue could turn out green. Just apply the blue dye to where you want it (roots and sections of hair) and put a shower cap on leaving it on for an hour. Wash out the dye when the hour is done, though I think it could spread I don't know. If you want darker blue you just dye your hair some more until you get the colour you want. Click the link http://www.wikihow.com/Dye-Hair-Blue

Other colours
Just like dying normal hair, though with red if the colour isn't strong enough it'll turn out orange. So you'll need to dye it a couple of times if need be.

With streaks it's exactly the same, instead you just do it in smaller sections.

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