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She’s always been the one you wanted. That pretty little bit of a thing that just wisps by. Big old blue eyes and dark black hair. Slender and petite with a cocksure smile. We all know a girl like that. Someone you either want or envy. Just that someone you feel like you need. Like you get a charge just by being around her, just by being near her, just by breathing in her space. I loved Maria well.
I loved how she looked today. So elegant in a full skirt and floral blouse. hair neatly pinned. It was my birthday after all but I could tell she had made an effort today. She was smiling so cheekily too, I am a lucky man.
“Hi” She said walking towards me with a nod. “How have you been?” I just smiled a little shakily. I never was one to talk much. Maria knew that and accepted me for it. Probably even loved me for it, knowing how kind she was. She seemed a little nervous then, but I knew just how much she wanted to do well; we were about to have an exam together. See Maria and I had met in class, I remember thinking that she was the most beautiful creature I had seen. How all the guys had looked at her. They were so jealous of me, I could tell, so very envious of this nothing from the wrong side of town. Maria was the queen of queens and I well I got to be her champion for now and hopefully her champion forever. Like the ancient knights of yore well that is what I wanted from things. With another of her smiles Maria sidled past me through the door frame. I wished her a quiet good luck just as the teacher was striding down the hallway and took my seat. I had to do well for this one. I need to make Maria proud. I smiled at her as she looked back from the front. She smiled back at me and winked. So very beautiful.
I was so tired after the exam but it had been easy. I remembered how Maria had explained it, that day in the library. I couldn’t go wrong with her for a tutor surely not. With that being the last exam I knew she had a party plan. At that red haired women’s house. I think her name was Jayne. Of course I wouldn’t come along for the party I know how much Maria flitted about. She was a bit of a butterfly my Maria. Always interested in socialising. It was okay, I knew she’d calm down a bit when we grew older. Maria understood how uncomfortable people made me. I smiled again at her blathering away. “See you tonight”. I whispered as I walked past her. Well someone had to take care of her after the party. Good old boyfriend duty. I didn’t mind, you don’t seem to mind when you love someone like this.
“Maria you need to do something about him.” Jayne was really adamant this time. “He’s super creepy. Insanely so.” She shook her head with each word for emphasis. “The way he looks at you borders on sexual harassment. And what did he mean tonight?” She queried me intently. “He’s not coming is he?” Jayne could be a bit intimidating when she wanted to. She was an aggressive redhead with cops for parents. The apple was probably still attached to the tree in this case. “Come one Ria, you can’t have invited that guy.” I put my hands up defensively. “Why would I do such a thing? He is so creepy Jayne. I said hello and all he could do was smile. He just smiled at me. There is shy and there is downright creepy. He’s probably both.” I shivered a bit at that. I remembered how he had kept looking at me throughout this semester. I remembered the intense and unreadable gazes, how he seemed to smile whenever I came into view and once... a touch on the back of the neck. I’d stopped wearing my hair up after that. “Enough about him, what should I wear to this party tonight?” I don’t need to think about him any longer. Break was coming up after all; 2 weeks creep free!

Maria was late. How could she do this again? It was so late into the night it was nearly dawn. It’s unsafe to be out this time. What was she thinking making her boyfriend wait like this? I suppose my Maria did love her fun. I couldn’t be too harsh with her. Still she should have known that tonight was to be our special night. The night we finally well we finally got to well... become something more serious. I was a bit nervous myself maybe Maria was delaying because she was too. The streets were pretty dark at this time but Jayne’s one was easy to find. I could hear the noise from miles away. Little terracotta suburbia, kinda like the house we wanted. But that was in the future; let’s get through this night first. Poor Maria she must be so shy to stay so late. I’ll have to be extra gentle with her I promised the night air. Wait I was seeing movement from the house. It looked like Maria but who was that guy with her? The man shape had an arm casually draped across my girlfriend. Maria was stumbling a little, had she been drinking? My foot was on the accelerator before I could realise, speeding towards them in my station wagon. I was so angry!
I’d never thought I’d go home with someone at a party. But you had to take chances and live a little every now and again. Besides Jake was ever so attractive. He kept pouring my drinks all night and whispering sweet nothings. I didn’t mind. Jake was a welcome change from that... well that guy. He even was a good kisser. I didn’t even mind saying goodbye to Jayne in front of all those others. It’d been a long time since I felt so special and well a little sex wasn’t so bad in today’s world. I didn’t even see the car.
Maria was bleeding a little from the accident but she was okay I think. The impact hadn’t been so hard. I’d grabbed her shortly afterward and pulled her into the car. I’d look at her wounds back at my place. I’d been so angry, how dare she do that with another guy. I looked at her mussed face with a stern look that softened. “It’s okay you’re here with me now” She was pretty much asleep but a bit groggy, no small wonder from all of that alcohol she may have had. Its okay we were together now at least. I patted he soft cheek lightly “you’ll be okay soon. We’ll be home soon. Don’t you worry dearest?” Maria was whimpering a little, probably from her injuries. It was just a little distracting. I couldn’t have us get into another accident, so pulling over I placed a bit of gauze over her mouth. “It’s okay Maria.” I whispered kissing her forehead. Wait a second, maybe Maria in her drunken state would thrash around a bit. If that’s the case she could endanger us both, not to mention hurt herself. I couldn’t let that happen. The bindings wouldn’t be tight anyway. It’d just be until we got home. Even messed up from the party Maria was beautiful. She was a trooper my Maria.
I don’t remember how I got here. My head hurts so much for some reason. All I can taste is gauze and duct tape and it’s really hard to move my mouth. I’m squinting but my eyes can’t focus. I can feel a bit of blood run down my cheek. All I remember is Jake and saying goodbye to Jayne. I can feel the hardwood of the chair grate across my flesh. Wait where are my clothes? Where is that scratchy but sexy black dress I had on? I try to cover myself but find myself bound hand and foot to the chair. What the hell is happening? I can hear shuffling in the distance and a face come’s into view.
“I’m sorry Maria. Your dress was ruined in the accident. But it’s okay to be naked between couples right, between us” He says almost hesitantly.
It was him, the guy from class, that guy. “Hush Maria, we’re together now. And we will be for a while...”

Congratulations, Faithless!
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