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Proud Of Your Virginity?

- - - - - virgin sexuality sex First time never had sex

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I don't know if I really believe in people just being "sexually incompatible", and that's the end of the story. I think sexual incompatibility has an underlying cause, like one or both partners not actually being attracted to the other, or a lack of communication, or people being uncomfortable with sex or with their body, or just inexperience. Most of these things can be ironed out with time and practise. Yeah, sex isn't generally going to be great the first time, but with mutual love, trust, communication and attraction, I think the majority of people could eventually have good sex.
I don't think waiting to have sex til marriage is really a good thing, and it's definitely not for me, but I would disagree with the idea of a "test drive" being absolutely necessary. :lol:

Well a lot of things could make someone sexually incompatible with another. One person could be too closed-minded that the other gets sick of doing the same thing over and over, unwilling to "try new things". People can even be too open-minded for others to feel comfortable with them, and then there are things like differences in sexual appetite that factor in when talking about sexual compatibility. Yeah, I agree that a lot can develop over time as you get to know what the other person likes, but not everyone is as open minded as you and I, for instance and although some people are okay with doing a set position/positions and acts, not everyone is. 

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In my mind, losing my virginity would be a big deal. yes i am Christian but i am not so keen on the whole no sex before marriage. i don't believe its just an act, Emotions play a big part this as well, in any relationship. To be honest i want to be in a committed relationship not just friends with benefits or crap like that. 

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Are you proud of being a virgin?


In a time when sex is so prevalent, it's easy to lose one's virginity, but let's try thinking of it the other way. Isn't it good to remain a virgin until you're with the person you think you will marry? It's something to be proud of these days in my opinion.


I'm a virgin. I used to think about having sex with someone a lot. I could have a few times. but I don't think about it so much anymore. I want it to mean something, not just something I do because it feels good. Faith had alot to do with it for me. I won't bring faith into this, but I was born a christian, then stopped being christian and lived without God, then studied Islam and almost embraced it, then I truly became a christian. I say this about faith to show that I'm not just a "bible thumper" here. I've had my share of time without God so to say. I choose to be a virgin until the right time regardless of my faith.


Are you proud of being a virgin? How do you feel about it? Let's try to leave faith out of it.

I was once very proud of being a virgin. Then, when I gave up that status, I was very proud that I'd "given it up," so to speak. Eventually I realized that, for me, the concept of virginity was something I used to make myself feel like I was somehow superior to other people- which is horribly stupid- so I quit worrying about it.

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Yeah. I could've, but I'm one of those "Let's wait until marriage" kinds of people. It's not that i'm trying to punish my partner or anything, but I know that I only want to do that with one person in my whole life, and I would regret it if I wasn't sure that they would stay with me. I know that there's divorce and all, but I just need to wait. I don't really know why it matters so much to me, since I really don't have a religion and people seem to encourage having sex. 


I dunno, I'm a bit weird I guess >.<


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