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- - - - - transgender trans confessions of trans rant place

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    Delicate Snowflake

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Hi! So, I figured I'd make a group discussion type thing for transmen and transwomen. I figured if any trans people just wanna talk about their experience being trans, it'd be cool! ALSO!! This is supposed to be a safe place for trans people ok?? No hate, no discrimination, none of that shit. This is a s a f e p l a c e for all trans people. 


So, I'm a transguy. I go by Cam or Cameron. I've only just started transitioning, but I've always known. My friends know, and the real friends support me. My birth parents know, but they don't approve. It's okay, though, because I don't have to deal with them, seeing as how I'm adopted. My adoptive parents don't know, mainly because they're super religious and I'm a little afraid to hear their response. 



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    Tortured Rose

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I support you, Cam. If that is what you trully want and it makes your life better, then go ahead and do it. Is trasitioning difficult? Also, why were you adopted by super-religious parents?

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    Delicate Snowflake

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    Tortured Rose

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Sorry I was wondering which language this is?
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    Tortured Rose

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