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The Devil's Den

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    Tortured Rose

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Welcome to the Devil's Den.

Just come on in.

Sit right here

and have all the beer.

We have plenty of blunts

or would you prefer a cunt?


You can have lots of money.

Most of it's stolen though.

But watch how far it'll blow.

Don't be a dummy

remember you took the money.


In this room,

you'll meet your doom.

This is when the party's over

and you're finally sober.

But your heart has stopped;

your knees have dropped


The Devil's got you in his web

just like when you raped that girl in your bed.

The man loved you dearly,

yet you made him commit suicide clearly.

It's Judgement Day,

you know where you lay.


So welcome to the Devil's Den.

Just come on in.

You'll never sign out. 

For your flower of Death

has begun its sprout.

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    Nigrescent Black Hole

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