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Gay emo boys as some would say are doing it as just publicity stunt. Wether they are or not they have the public's attention. Being a gay emo teenager you do a lot of soul searching. Gay emo boys or "bisexual emotional" boys are the step past the normal and old fashioned gay. The newly updated to the gay society culture.

emo boys

Gay & Bi Emo Boys

Gay emo boys are so hot! The eyeliner to the tight t-shirts and jeans, their crazy hair and the piercing is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Blogring to blogring these gay emo boys are lightening up all over the place. Gay emo boys.. what can you say boys will be boys. From the hardcore makeout scenes to the sweet affectionate ways of showing how much they care. They are on fire. The pictures of these hot gay or bi emo boys have taken over the internet leaving people making videos of a newly ventured hardcord love scenes. And the audience loves it and adores these guys for doing what they do. Emo doesn't have to be all depressing there is love involved too. After all this I am wondering how many gay emo boys are out there? They should all get together and unite while having a big makeout scene. I believe the public would love to watch these affectionate guys crawling all over eachother.
Like the new saying goes.."real boys, kiss boys!!" So start kissing. Wether there are gay or bi emo guys they are confining words and confident in themselves and their sexuality. They would rather be free of labels and the "norm" way of doing things and do whatever they want or feel like doing at that time and place. Most would agree and say "Right on!"

Below are a few picures, our gallery has much more. Be sure to take a look at it.
emo boys

emo boys kissing
emo rockers kissing!

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Did You Know?

Emo boys love the attention they get when they kiss eachother. They are so out about it they they often kiss in public.
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